Client Review is not showing


I am facing issue on fiverr Today.
Issue is that client reviewed me on my order but client review is not showing on my order page and my order status is still delivered even my client have completed and client review is showing on my profile but its not showing on my order and order is still showing delivered not completed
Anyone facing same issue?




I am facing the exact same issue! It occurred to me three times, to be precise, and as we speak, Fiverr has been unable to resolve the issue up till now! This kept me wondering.


Yes Its also happened to me 3 time
Its happening from the last night


As we speak, they are still on the issue but no solution yet!


have you contacted to fiverr?


Yes, they opened a support ticket on my behalf. The ticket is still open.


oh ok.
So we should wait may be they are resolving issue


after 10 hours I get the Review . But No Notification. then i go to my analytics page and There says Order not Complete no $ and order are Still Not Complete :frowning: but Review are Showing Now . :frowning:


Now its working fine