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Is it common for clients not to leave a review after they’ve received their request? I was getting reviews and now the last three clients have left no review. I guess no review is better than a negative one.


It happens quite often.


Thanks catwriter. That’s good to know.


Yes not receiving reviews doesn’t affect for your rating as an example first buyer put 5 star review then your rating is 100%, next buyer doesn’t put a review still rating is 100% but if 2nd buyer add negative review you may get your rating decreases to 50% (0 star rating) then it is clear that not giving any rating is better that a negative rating


yes, it sadly happens. you can always when you deliver your order say something like.

“please leave a positive review as it will really help me out”


frankly, the Customer help me a lot to buy confident and I trust their comments. I find the site interesting opinion, and it’s true that they are not all positive


I put this out there as a WAG. It may be that about 40% of Buyers don’t leave feedback.