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Client revises saying to "Wait" a long time

Hello : )
Having a client that on his 5th revision asked me to wait 10 days before he gives me his revisions

The client is refusing to accept any time requests

Note that I delivered on time and now the client revised saying simply to wait

That should not be something a buyer can do is it ? What if he askes me to wait a year … ? I’ll never get my paimemt and even worse the order time is saying late and my response time will suffer from that

Any solutions or advice are welcome

Thanks !


Maybe something in this post wil help you. It may be an abuse of the revison button. CS may be able to help you. :thinking:


Politely tell him that things have gone on long enough and his requests are not reasonable. I am hoping you did not offer unlimited revisions. Waiting on him for ten days is totally unreasonable and you need to tell him that.


I’ve had this happen to me before too. I actually have a regular client who does this all the time. I’m usually pretty lenient with him, as he keeps coming back. But If he keeps me waiting longer than a week, I’ll usually drop a hint like, ‘Hey, I wanted to make sure you didn’t forget this project is still in revisions. I need to know what your revisions are by [x date] otherwise, I’m not sure when I’ll be able to complete the project. My schedule will be pretty hectic after [x date] and I wanted to make you aware, so that you don’t end up waiting a long time for the revisions to be completed.’ That usually gives him the hint he needs to get his stuff together.

That approach doesn’t work with everyone though. For new clients who leave me hanging, they get two days. Then I tell them ‘I need to know what specific revisions you are requesting. I can’t leave this project in modification status, without knowing what modifications you need. Please give me that information by tomorrow, otherwise I will have to redeliver the project as is.’

A few times, I’ve gotten no response, and then I do redeliver as is, just as I told them I would. I’ve never had a problem. In fact, at least 3x, after doing this, the client disappeared without a trace and I never did have to complete any revisions.

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Any how you need to convince him to extend time. I think he/she will be able to understand that a late delivery will impact your profile. Best of luck.

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I’m not sure about redelivering as is

If he takes it to customer support they will probably take his side … Maybe … Probably

[quote=“misscrystal, post:3, topic:286674”]
hoping you did not offer unlimited revisions.
[/quote] Of course not, the client was fishy from the begining :grimacing:

Simply deliver your order again, and ask your client that he will get updated work after 10 days in his inbox, i think this is only option if you really don’t want to cancel the order,


I don’t think redelivering is doing anything wrong though. He can’t request a modification, without telling you what modifications to make. If you’re worried about getting into trouble with CS (which has never happened to me), then just reach out to them and tell them what you’re going to do. Ask them if that’s the appropriate course of action.
I’ve asked CS for permission to do stuff before. There’s really no reason to be afraid of those guys. They’re here to help all of us, buyers and sellers :slight_smile:


Deadlines work both ways.
I have this included in my terms of service when I send a proposal, but with smaller projects you can send a friendly reminder.

Simply explain that your schedule is filling up and in 10 days you might not be able to deliver the requested revision.

PS. You shouldn’t be on the 5th revision to begin with. You should do only 1-2 revisions.
Giving 5 revisions make you look desperate or soft. Either way, the buyer has the upper hand.