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Client revisions more in what in the offer

Hi guys, I’m new to Fiverr and I just had my third order, When I created the costume offer for the client, I offered him just one revision in the offer as capture shows, but now he get to asks four revision, one after one after one…, and it looks that wont stops any soon, so please tell me, how is that happening !!



He can ask revisions infinite. It is your duty to include in your offer or description what revisions actually include.

In that case once buyers wants more he already knows he will have to pay extra.

Let me dig up one of my offers so you get the idea.



As per our conversation, I am sending you an offer that includes:
a) facecam frame consisting of one rectangle with oval corners and two colors; gold color with shading/gradient outer edge, and inner red. Additional drop shadow will be included in a separate layer for modification/removal
b) files will be delivered as PNG at price 10$ (creation) and source file PSD 5$ file format.
c) files will be delivered in 3 different sizes, all in the ratio of 16:9, the largest being 1920×1080 and following 65% and 40% of that size.

Revisions included in this offer are only for minor touchups on the colors used. in case color change is asked it must be shared with the exact HEX code of the new color.

Any additional revision is charged extra.
Thank you.
Marina Art Design

So detailed detailed detailed as much as humanly possible.

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Thanks a lot for this detailed explanation, but how to charge the client extra! I just had notification that " client ask for a revision" with no option to charge him , even though in the second and 3 and fourth revision .

You have extra on the order page, wait I have order right now I will send extra to my buyer and screenshot.

So, you have this if the order is not in revision:

And if the order is in revision you have bla bla bla is asking for revision and you reply on that by adding revision with the price.

So when you reply to revision and “accept it” just add that is not free, ad price and then it waits for him to accept.

I have that too I just have to find it

so he wanted revision and i said sure, 40 bucks. He declined hi hi…

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Oh I did not see it completely, Thank a lot you were very helpful, I can’t thank you enough, thanks a lot .

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Good luck with that client Marina, and thanks again .

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I delivered and he accepted without asking for more revisions.

I have a lot of things protecting me in my gig profile and settings.

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