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Client saying he no happy 😔


Before starting work he said clean I did after that he said no do vector tracing I did now say about cancle what to do?


Probably there is no way to cancel the order as you have accepted the offer so you have to complete the work until the limit of revisions you are providing in your gig.


Don’t cancel. Say no, you did the job.


I said and now saying make that he said but he said I did


>>Unlimited Revisions

>>100% Money-back Guarantees

Since you have these two things in your gig description you have to do it. OR you can give him his money back by giving him a refund.


So what need to do now my order complete rating now 90 after cancel it will under 90 :pensive:


Take those two things out of your gig description or it will continue to happen.


did you send vector source file to the buyer?


Yes I did also I have sent jpeg and pdf


So you have to do it since your gig description says you will do unlimited revisions.

You have to do it 100 times if you are asked to.

If it not a revision but an completely new order send him an offer, a custom offer for it or tell him he needs to place a new order.


I am ready for unlimited revisions but he is asking for cancelation


If you say in your gigs that you will do something you have to do it for the people who purchased it while that was published. So don’t put anything in your gig description if you don’t want to do it.

If you put things like “unlimited revisions” and “100% money back” you are going to get unscrupulous buyers who will take advantage of you. Don’t sell yourself short to try to get sales.


if you think you can’t deliver what buyer wants then please cancel order .but if you are able to deliver according to clients requirements then revised your work to avoid cancellation. .
thanks .


Then give him the cancellation since that is what your gig offers.


Sometime you have to do a bit extra work to satisfy the buyer because its business .i did not mean that you have to spend a day without charging because there is nothing free in freelancing…but to avoid cancellation do bit more even if its not included in orignal offer.
Wish you good luck


Agree with @misscrystal
Because you put “Money back guarantee”, you should cancel the project when client ask it,
Still…, maintain 90% project is easier than *5 rating

I don’t know what is wrong with your service, but i saw that you only have several project done, and your delivery rate is already down to 90%?


He is not giving time for revisions so I decided to cancel


few month ago same happened to me but because i wasted a lot of time on project so i decided not to cancel order the reason was that the buyer wants me to work for him free …therefore i have one negative review on my profile .:sob::cry::sob::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:


Money back guarantee means if they are not satisfy you will give them their money back. Sounds like a poor business model to me that many people will look to exploit.