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Client saying this is fraud


Oct 21, 2:37 AM EDT

Hello there!

Buyer are taking my work and asking that are not working in his system.
Buyer also saying that my work is not playing his system, I resubmitted again its working in my system and my other friends system but buyer saying that is Fraud .
still saying if his project destroyed then he will complain.

I said i will refund and I have done over 300 buyer they never said like that.

Please let me know what should I do.

I never submitted fake or fraud work. I have all working source file and all the working file for the buyer.

Please help me!

I have no idea what kind of service you are providing as you didn’t mention this but you can ask your client to record a video and send it to you so you could try to figure out what’s going wrong.


I m providing gif animation.

you can see this is working here properly!

See, this happens.

Tell him that you’ll guide him on a ■■■■■ call then share screen.

People do threaten us for refund but use all ways.

Make sure you record the screen.

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You don’t know how he is saving your animation. It might be working on your side but he might be doing something wrong. That’s why if you want to make sure and help him you should ask him to record a video.
If there is really a problem he will make a video for you and if he is trying to scam you then he will find excuses not to do it.

This might get him banned and not everyone will agree to share a screen for a privacy reasons.


You can create a video how to download this “gif file” and also how to save this file. And also open the gif file in the video. I mean record full process in a video then share with your clients.

exactly he is not saving or his system has any problem with it.

It’s all up to you and your communication skills. You can take my advice or you can just keep arguing with a client that it’s working on your side as you are currently doing it.


I asked me several time

A lot of image viewer programs don’t display animations in gifs. Explain that their gif will be animated online when they upload it to social media, etc. Make sure to send a .gif and .mp4 version of your gif also.

I just did exactly this with an order myself:


yes I did submitted all the working file and source file too. but client don’t know about much

I have a feeling that you are not going to follow any of our advices here.

But just to sum up: it’s not about you sending all the files it’s about your communication and ability to explain how to use those files.


yes I did explain everything to client. i have explained that how gif work but client also trying to copy the gif into the word doc file :frowning:

I m very disappointed about the client he is not listening what I m explaining to himself.

Show proof that your files are working.

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yes I did, also customer support saying thats working.

Then you have completed your job!

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see the attached file what client said to me!