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Client says he accept my custom offer


I am a new seller here on Fiverr. Well I have sent some custom offers to clients from Buyer Request page. One client message me saying he has accepted my offer but I did not get any notification or any order in my email or my dashboard page. Would like to know should have to make payment and accept the offer or what client need to do exactly to accept the offer so that I can ask him to do

Sohil Jain

At first welcome to fiverr:)
The buyer have to accept your custom offer and to pay the price of the custom offer, then you will get a notification in your email and a order. The buyer havent pay right now so no order.
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i think you should send him a custom offer in the inbox so that he can accept it and pays the price. dont do his work before he orders. you will get notification when he does order.


thanks for your message. Its really helpful.

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thanks for your message. It is really helpful as I have message to client and send custom offer again

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sometime customers forget to give his requirements with the placing of order so order may placed from his side but not completed so there sometime notification may not show.