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Client says he accepted the order but it doesn't show

My client says he accepted the order and gave it a review. The order does not show as completed. Has this ever happened to anyone? Thanks.

Either he did not accept the order,
There was an error in placing the order which results in it not coming through,
The payment has not been received by Fiverr yet,
or It’s a scammer or a troll.

Just tell the client something like that you look forward to working with them when the order has been processed.

I never ordered something from someone on fiverr myself, but Its highly likely the buyer gets a confirmation email when they place an order successfully .

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Ask the buyer to check again after a few minutes. This might be a bug on buyer’s side or on your side. May be you will get a notification in a few moments. May be it didn’t go ahead on buyer’s end. Might want to wait a bit and contact the buyer again.

You were right, it was a 24 hour bug. Thanks artistshop.

He’d acceted my order. They’re was a delay with fiverr. Thanks visualfox.

Glad to be of assistance :slight_smile: