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Client Says, She Want to ORDER But Prefers CHATTTING ☺️

Hi there beautiful people of the world. Things are going to plan, except I have this client, she’s interested to order from me (at least this is what she said on her first line) but here is the point. All she does is chatting and has millions of questions?? :smirk::roll_eyes: In some way’s she’s like me though, as I love chatting a lot as some of you guys have noticed :joy: I feel like I’m her chatting TOY, I wonder why?:thinking:

However, it has been 3 days and still no ORDER! This morning I was expecting her order. Well, the third time’s the charm, right? But NO, still no ORDER!! It is getting annoying and I am too polite not to be too pushy and just GO with the FLOW so to speak!! But in my mind, I want to SCREAM out loud ‘‘BUY THIS FREAKING ORDER FOR HAVENS SAKE!!’’ Of course, I won’t as I’m not like that, but it is so frustrating. :upside_down_face: Has anyone dealt with such client before? What should I say, what should I do?

Kindly Humberto


I doubt she will order from you with the way things are going, to be honest. Some people just like to talk.

As soon as you’re done with the questions you actually need to be answered to do your job you can tell her: “I’ll be happy to assist you when you have a clear idea about the project” and let it go.


Hello there @lenasemenkova, finally she bought my gig as we speak, it took 3 days! Thank god it is Over!! :rofl:. Thank you so much for your response. Kindly Humberto


After the 3 days talking, you’d deserve a 5 star rating for sure since it’s a $5 order.


Hi @levente_gl, Can you believe it, for only a $5 I’ve wasted a lot of energy to 1 client. But then again she was also interested to buy some of my Mockups as she was very intrigued about my work. I just hope she will not again spend countless hours chatting when she decides to purchase my other gigs!! :joy::rofl:. Thank you for your response. Wish you all the best. Kind regards, Humberto


Congratulations, hopefully it goes well.


Hi there @lenasemenkova , my day couldn’t get any better than this. She just left me indeed a 5-star rating. Now she said even on her last words on chat, that she would recommend my work to her friends, what a welcoming surprise. All these chatting and questions was worth it in the end. I’m so happy!! :smiley:


Hi Hum,

Even in real life, many times clients spend countless time chatting before hiring/ordering just to test your temper, how you deal/manage “little smooth” situations, how much patience you have, how you understand or not and respond to erratic information, etc.

It’s normal, although annoying, and you’ll get used to it. But don’t worry or despair, these type of buyers are not so many.


Hi there @maitasun, you’re so right. I noticed she needed to talk a lot, and by this, I mean A LOT!. Maybe because she needed to check me and my gigs out as you described it so well, thank you!! She had like millions of questions about my gigs? Even though she bought my Hum Special Travel Bundle, she was interested in some of my other gigs as well.

We had a good chat, although sometimes I was really hoping she would press on BUY ME BUTTON :rofl: Until finally, she did this morning and with another 5-star review!! She was so sweet and kind. We even had talks about my origin and why I joined Fiverr and so on, which again was outside my norm as I love to keep things professional and strict as I possibly can. But sometimes out of respect you need to hear and listen, which I did! Glad this isn’t the normal procedure as you decribed!!! :smiley:

However, all these talks have been worth it as she would recommend me and my gigs to her friends, which made my day even better. I am so excited! Glad I took this step to join Fiverr. If it continues this way I might need to hire some of my friends as my Gigs on these other platforms is starting to get a boost as well!!

The funny thing is, I haven’t even shared anything yet outside Fiverr nor Social Media. My friends nor my family knows I joined Fiverr. The reason is that I want everything to work properly. My gigs need to be running smoothly and I need to be 101% satisfied before sharing it to my friends. Besides, I don’t want to get my friends hanging on my neck if my orders FAIL :rofl::joy:, they only make fun of me!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m still busy with twigging and turning my gigs around and I’m also busy creating videos to my Gigs.

Thank you for being a valuable friend here on Fiverr. I will definitely recommend you and @ahmwritingco to my friends as soon they hear my news. Your the BEST!! Kindly Humberto


I noticed she wanted to talk a lot, and by this, I mean A LOT!

Reminds me of somebody I know. :wink:


Hahaha :rofl: @ahmwritingco, indeed. Can you imagine, she was even worse, how is this possible?? Glad you have worse people than me, although you’re not bad yourself :joy::innocent:


Your PLR articles Gig is becoming quite popular now, isn’t it? Just remember I’m a writer. If it becomes too popular, I’m going to have to go mob-style on you. Horse’s head on your pillow for taking all the business. :sweat_smile: :horse:

But seriously, I enjoy watching you suceed. I’m glad you were rewarded with a sale and a good review after expending so much energy on the client.

Hum, in future, can you do me a favour? Whenever you create a thread in the My Fiverr Gigs section, can you tag me? I have that section muted, so I don’t see your threads until I’m tagged.


Yes, and there’s were you need to hold your horses the most :joy: :wink:

Besides patience, the clue with all clients - specially these type of clients - is knowing how to handle them with sweet left hand. Left hand treatment is an art in itself and takes time to master it. Just practice it and you’ll see how smooth things go. :wink:

And thanks for considering recommending me to your friends, you’re very sweet! :upside_down_face:

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Gosh @ahmwritingco you and @maitasun are such a wonderful individuals. I wish I could take you and @maitasun out for dinner some day and talk about horses, have a pillow-fight and drink some good wine, but we seem to be bound here on Fiverr. :smiley: I have so many questions but I’m bound to silence, which is frustrating. Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate it so much. Of course, I will tag you and @maitasun next time I start a new Topic. Lets us succeed the three of us! Drinks are on me to you and @maitasun. :wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass:


Well, I plan to have a couple of drinks tonight. I’ll raise a glass to you and your new review. Not quite the same as a night on the town in Amsterdam, but what can you do!

I have so many questions but I’m bound to silence, which is frustrating.

You could probably ask most of the questions you want to ask. Obviously you can’t ask for Facebook details or anything like that, but you’re free to ask some personal questions. Whether the other person chooses to answer them is another matter. All users are different in that respect. :slight_smile:

And thanks for agreeing to tag me. I’d have missed this whole thread if I wasn’t tagged by you an hour ago!


Just ignore her and move on. Time is money.

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Missed an opportunity there to say time is Bunny. :upside_down_face:


Sweet, thank you @maitasun, I have no words but to say, how amazing you are and how beautifully you type your words in such a vivid way. You’re just out of this world, what more can I say. :hugs::hugs::hugs:

If you could write a book I knew I would buy it, without any hesitation!! A best seller it would be! To your success, Humba

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Uh oh, I can sense a group project in the making. Maitasun writes the book, I proofread it, you design the graphics!!!

How could it not be a best seller?


Hi there @psychicbunny, maybe you missed the next chapter, but she already bought my Gig soon after I created this topic :rofl::joy:, Anyways I appreciate your response. kind regards, Humberto

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