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Client-Seller Contract before sale


Hello all!
I am currently in the process of selling my own, custom built foreign exchange currency trading indicators, of which I had previously written a sale agreement between myself and my purchasers.

Now I currently make it a requirement that they sign my sales contract, written by my lawyer, so to further protect my work from reverse-engeneering, or any unauthorized distribution without my written consent, and some other things as well.

To make this process easier, I was wondering if there’s anyway to ratify the document with my clients, without having to download, sign, and resend the contract.

I thought about copying and pasting my contract in the requirement box, and then giving an “I Agree”/“I do not agree” option, but the provided text box prevents me form entering in the entirety of the contract, as it limits up to 450 characters.

Any other ideas are much appreciated!


What I would do is ask for prospects to contact you prior to placing an order (some will, some won’t) so that you can send them the contract upon agreeing on the details via messaging. On the requirements, you could have a section that says “Attach the signed contract here, please” and make it mandatory. You can even add “please contact me if you don’t have it” in case someone didn’t contact you before placing the order.


Thank you, I will certainly do this.
Be safe.


Fiverr is designed for quick transactions. No contracts, no NDA’s, no paperwork.

You’re not even supposed to ask for information that endangers the confidentiality of your client such as names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail, etc. Exceptions can be made for certain gigs.

A resume designer will need all that information, but he won’t be using it to call his client. All communication must take place on Fiverr.

Besides, what you sell becomes property of the buyer. So yes, he can reverse engineer it, give it to someone else, etc. The same happens to logo designers. A hires B, gets a logo, then hires C, gives him that logo and asks for something like that but better.

So if your worried about your stuff being “stolen,” just don’t sell it on Fiverr. Sell something else instead.


It’s a sales agreement. The only information collected is their name. Not exactly confidential.
It’s reckless to offer a good, or service, and not protect yourself! You are a one-man-army!

Even in the case of providing a service, like writing an eBook, or resume, there is risk in everything.

And if you don’t set rules in effect, agreed to by yourself and the other party, prior to working with any client, and then take their money, it feels sloppy; unprofessional. I don’t know about you, but a sales agreement for an item would make perfect sense to me if I were buying a software system. How many times have you just selected the “I agree” box on an EULA, or new iOS download, game update, etc.?

What I am doing is similar, but I am simply protecting myself. As I suggest you do too.


I have a client who has ordered my gig 5 times. I asked him how come he’s never reviewed my gigs, this was his answer:

“I rarely left reviews because I do not want to leave too many footprints. I hope that is fine with you.”

So you see? People protect their names, identities, etc. It’s just like employment confidentiality non-disclose agreements that we have to sign when we work for corporations.

That’s not my experience, and I have thousands of reviews. This is how Fiverr works.

  1. Order
  2. Get instructions
  3. Deliver work
  4. Get paid (wait 14 days for your money to clear)

You’re not even supposed to message sellers unless you have a valid question.

A zillion times, and I never even bother to read what I’m agreeing with. Corporations do that to protect themselves from stupid lawsuits. We don’t have to do it, if a client doesn’t like my brand names, I just refund the order. See? No need to sue.

Fiverr of course hates refunds which is why we’re being punished (demoted) if our completion rate falls under 90%, we’re also punished if we’re under a 4.8 rating. The last thing we need now is contracts every time someone orders.


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My question is how do you know they are using their real name?

If you are trying to protect yourself this way, you need to have a notorized signature, which will be confirmed with a driver’s license, and an address and phone number.

And even then you still don’t know with 100% certainty that whoever is signing this is really who they say they are.

And this probably would also be something you would use escrow dot com for. How do they know they are getting a genuine working software?


My indicators have a function written into their source code that will terminate functionality after a set expiration period. This enables my prospective clients to take my tools for test runs before making the purchase.


Do Fiverr your way, we’ll see if your clients agree to sign contracts and all that. I doubt it, but you’re free to try.


Also has customer support give you permission to give out your real name and contact information and ask for theirs?


You are asking people to sign contracts without asking for names or addresses?

So it’s a bill of sale. What type of protection does that offer?
All it does is say you sold it for a certain price.


What’s with the attitude?


Here you said it’s a contract drawn up by a lawyer. Then later you said it’s a bill of sale. And all you need is a name. And it protects you. So when you open a subject you can expect people to answer you and ask questions.


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I’ve never heard of anyone doing something like this on Fiverr. The best thing to do might be to contact Customer Support, explain it all to them, and ask them how to do it (and whether you’d be even allowed to do it).