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Client send me all social media link to add on his website


Client send me all social media link to add on his website. But i am fear, will it be problem for my account. As he sent me to add all links of the website only. Please let me know fiverr experts.


So long as the links were sent through the order page, it’ll be fine. If you’ve got any worries,please ask CS.


thanks for your reply


Do not worry .If he has not told you to contact and told you to add the on his website then it will be okay . Because fiverr CS first check the conversation and understand then they take action .If you are not trying to contact out side then it will be okay.


Few days ago a buyer shared his Instagram link and request me to send my Instagram account link. i just wrote him i need to get permission first from fiverr CS to share mine. then he felt insulted :smiley: and request me to cancel his order before checking his delivery. sometime it’s very tough to deal with different sort of minds at a same time.


i am very pleased to hear this.


its a really pathetic.