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Client shared number. Please Help

Hi. A client shared his number and asked me to contact him through the number. I replied back saying that it is not allowed to share such information on fiverr.

Would this affect my account in any way? What should I do now?


No. You’ve done well. You do not need to worry. Tell them to contact you through Fiverr.

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Thanks. Do I need to block him though?

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No, tell them to contact you through Fiverr platform only, block them only if they insisted.

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Okay. Thank you so much. Relieved :grinning:

I would suggest that you report their message :arrow_up: though. Doing this will automatically block the person, I guess. But if you want to interact with them in the future, you could just unblock them.

I don’t recommend it, the buyer might buy from @s_akhter eventually, it happened to me several times, when I insist on contacting me through Fiverr we end up being doing business :slightly_smiling_face:
However, as I said earlier, if the buyer insisted the seller should report the buyer.


I reported the message. Didn’t block him.

I don’t think so. He replied with a “upto you” :confused:

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It depends, I have many experiences where the buyer agreed to contact me only through Fiverr.
But saying “up to you” sums it up. You don’t what this buyer to buy from you, trust me. Block them!

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@s_akhter Please stop creating multiple posts on the same topic. You have already received suggestions in this thread.


Hi @s_akhter,

In this case it was a good idea reporting the user as his reply was telling you already it was not a mistake what he did, but this is not always the case. There are many buyers that really don’t know the rules due to nor reading Fiverr TOS so, once you let them know that their proposal goes against TOS, they agree to comunicate through Fiverr’s system.


Well, there are three cases of buyers who share their contact from my experience

Buyers who do not know or understand clearly that it’s not allowed to for us as sellers to communicate with them, many of them are new buyers, and many of them don’t bother since they don’t make a living from Fiverr, they just want a service, if you politly explain to them they need to contact you only on Fiverr, they will understand.

Buyers who knows but don’t want to buy Fiverr fees, or have any other reason.

Spammer, they just start with a message contact me, without any explanation or what they want, many of them have a broken English.