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Client Sharing Links!

Im aware of the TOS that sharing information like emails, phone numbers can get you banned!
But my clients always send me links regarding to their twitch accounts, and youtube videos!
Of course, they sent these links so I can take a look at what they really want for example if I have an editing gig then I Will always ask them that “what kind of editing style are you expecting” after I say this they will send a link to the youtube video!
Can the buyer sending me links get me banned?
I never share links or anything regarding it!

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As far as I’m aware, you won’t get banned if you communicate exclusively through fiverr. I remember reading about a guy who did web development, he needed to requests their emails and passwords, which he needed for his gig work and they said it was okay. Just don’t contact them outside of fiverr.

Alright, Thanks
It helps alot