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Client Spreading Virus - Be Careful


Hi everyone, be careful there’s a certain user which I can’t name per the rules of the forum is spreading a trojan rigged .zip file.
If a client uses the following messages and asks you to download a zip file, DON’T. The zip file is named Writing_Tips.

“Well, take a look at my guidelines and Payment Terms, and let me know if thats something you can do”

It’s a trojan virus that is embedded in a .lnk file so do not download or open the zip.


Thanks for this! I just got contacted by this person who told me exactly what you said. I was pretty suspicious of them to begin with as I don’t do what they asked for plus they sent a zip file.

Thanks for warning other sellers about them!


yes I noticed!! :open_mouth:

just report them :wink: :cop:


I have alreay reported the buyer. Let’s hope CS deals with them before things get out of hand.


Just don’t download any Zip file to be sure.


Send them a zipped file containing their own trojan virus with the title: “Please correct typo in guidelines and Payment terms” :joy:


I wonder how people wake up each morning with the sole purpose of cheating or stealing someone else’s money.

All that talent can be better utilized.


ONLY if they WISH to. :rolling_eyes:


A monkey (ok, maybe not) using google could send rigged .lnk file. It’s pretty damn easy and the things you can do with it are just unbelievable.