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Client stealing my work!

It’s very unfortunately experience. There’s a lot of good clients, and very honest people here. But I wanna tell you THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER, I’m a graphic designer, well a month ago a user( I had to tell his user, so you can avoid it if you can,user: cme****) ask for a tri-fold, his order included just 1 design concept, and 3 stock pictures, 3 revisions, no more than that, well for requirements I asked for copy text in PDF, word, or pages what he did not do, he just uploaded a image, so I had to write by hand all the trifold, he asked for a “new” and “fresh” no more comments than that, so I did my job, I delivery and he disappear for days, then he says “he’s disappointed because he wanted the same trifold he sent but with the new logo” (He never mentioned that before), then he asked for a revisions but with no instructions (I contacted resolution center just to be clear, I contacted them twice indeed, and they not helped at all, just said things like “try to contact him”), but well I tried many with messages to reach him out and tell him that he can make revision in the current design, because what he was asking now it was a new a completely new concept, and finally he answer saying that he already said what he wanted, so to avoid loose the order I made a completely new design, witch new images (which I did not charge extra for that) he disappears another days and finally he says it was ok but no happy “i’m gonna use another designer”, but well … the order was ended so I said, ok, don’t worry good luck. Now, a month ago that happen, he canceled my order, and fiverr accepts it.

I’m so sad, and disappointed they (fiverr and this person) took my money away, because I already worked this money, I already earn this money. My time, my work, (and of course extra time and work because of his dramas and threat (to change me for another designer), I did more than he payed, he has my work in his pocket, and hi did not pay.

I feel so defraud, because Fiverr don’t even asked or at least check my previous petition to help for this person, and now I don’t know what to do.

So, It’s supposed to be like this? Nobody support us designers? So practically if the user wants, we work for free?

Have you ever passed something like this before? What did you do? What do you do now to avoid this behaviours?

Thank you for taking the time to reading me. I appreciated, I feel disappointed and scammed, alone.

I hope you can give me some advice to avoid this, and maybe we can help us each other to avoid this kind of scam.


You should remove the name of the client. Regarding the money, it seems that you are a victim of a chargeback. It happen to me two or three times. You should contact the customer support and they may be able to help you out.


I just did, thanks.
Did Resolution center helped you? And how? How you avoid this?

Sorry to hear that. It happens sometimes over here. Happened with me just a few days ago. Support team told me to discuss with your buyer at your end.

It also happen with me in some months before . Buyer change the login for a website when i done work for it and he said its not our expected work even last time he ask for one minor changing and in a start i also showed a demo website . So its clear that he tell a lie but its okay

First, you really need to find out whether CS canceled this order or your buyer used a chargeback with their bank to reverse payment.

If the profile of your buyer is still active, this would suggest that CS canceled the order. If it is not, this would suggest you buyer used a chargeback.

If the order in question was canceled by CS, you should try to find out if your design is being used by your client. If it is, contact CS with proof of this and ask that they clarify why they decided to refund the order without consulting you first. You can also ask that CS clarify this point, even if it is not clear that your buyer is using your work.

Sadly, actually getting paid now likely won’t be possible. At least, not unless you can demonstrate to CS that they have beached Fiverr’s own TOS and/or potentially your copyright, by disbursing your work free of charge without your permission.


It is really hard to get the money once order cancelled, It happens to me and they said, they can’t do anything.
It is not only designers who faced this issue. It is overall experience with all sellers

Yeah, well I contacted them too, even before the cancelation and I did not feel the support, you know what I mean? Practically I should pray and ask to heavens the new buyers won’t be like that.

I guess they should create a new method to control that. I’m very disappointed I practically worked for free and nobody’s helping. It’s not fair at all.

Wow, that’s seems complicated to know.
But I can tell you how the cancellation was… it was weird:

  1. I received an email saying the order was cancelled because I delivery late, which it’s completely a lie, the order was on time, and I must to add that before I delivery the order was abandoned so the order was marked complete by itself.

  2. Another email saying even the order was cancelled I’m gonna have my money and without any change in my rating. So I’m gonna have my money in 7 days aprox.

  3. Another email said that the user ask his money by his bank, so I have no money.

So, a total scam.

It’s so disappointed. So I’m not really sure who has our back? Because, we are Fiverr’s client too!

How long ago was that? Did you send a screenshot of that email to CS?


It happened yesterday by night, and today I can say it’s resolved.
Help Center finally helped, but I have to said, I had to be insistent, they answered and closed the request but I opened again and insisted again. My money is back, but it’s in pending clearance again. I did, it’s possible. I hope this help a lot of people here.


Congrats @hellonatalia

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