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Client takes days to respond the order has autocompleted and they won't give information on what they want changed

I honestly do not know what to do at this point .
I have created and delivered 2 pieces of artwork that the client ask for .
I send them 6 different sketches so they could choose what they wanted .
They choose two of them and I went ahead and lined and colored them .
I delivered the order and I waited for a response .
I had none for three days and I told them to please hurry up or else the order would automatically complete .
They didn’t bother to check them so the order got completed .
One day later they asked me to do some changes and so I did since it seemed fair
I send them the ones with the changes and I waited again 3 days for a response
But now they say they don’t like the artwork and give me general statements that do not help me fix the problem .
And after I send them a message about what should I change and to please be specific they now tell me that the artwork looks like a bunch lesbian ??? And that they want their money back
I send them that I want to help and I just need to know what to change
I’m waiting for another response now
Im honestly so lost here , this is my first time that someone acting like this and I do not know what to do


I know this doesn’t help with your current problem, but you should consider adding a FAQ to each of your gigs that clearly defines what a revision is and what it is not.

As for your stated issue, you have a few options:
1 ) Strait-up cancel the order. This I would try to make last resort, but it is still an option.
2 ) Keep trying to appease and offer what you just did, that you’re trying to help.
3 ) Try to compromise. This might be hard since they seem to not know what they want and can’t clearly communicate their issues. Keep denying the refund/cancellation and keep trying to get more info.
4 ) Get Customer Support involved. This tends to fall in favor of the buyers, but I have heard of one partial refund before. You might be able to be partially paid for the work you’ve already done, but chances are you’ll not get a good review, if any.

All of the above have their pros and cons, and we on the forum don’t know enough to offer detailed advice. Honestly, just informing CS of the situation as it stands might be a good idea. They’ll probably respond with ‘work it out with the buyer’, but at least you’re side would be on record. If you do, stay calm, professional, and impersonal. Include details, but keep them bland. Screenshots of the conversation with your client might be needed.

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Thank you for your response !
Another person on the fivver subreddit told me to just stop communicating with them and that if they contact support then send everything to customer support
At the same time its been over a week since the order has been completed and at this point i dont even think its fair for me to do any more modifications after that behavior

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You’re right. It isn’t fair to you.

Make sure the buyer knows you’ve done revisions and delivered work, so a refund is not available due to Fiverr TOS stating that fulfilled orders cannot be canceled.

Also, if you’re still willing to revise (I wouldn’t be, but it’s your prerogative), let them know that they need to respond within a certain amount of time. Communication is a two way street, and if they don’t want to be accessible, they can’t expect you to work hard to help them realize their vision for a piece. Some people think that it’s okay for them to waste your time, but it’s not, and we sometimes have to let buyers know that.

I would block them whenever the 10 days for review leaving has passed.

Hope this situation gets resolved.