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Client: the voice over should be less than 30 seconds long

client: uploads 200 word script

I guess I’m an auctioneer now


Or perhaps a chipmunk doped up with the strongest stimulants on the planet for that pace. :chipmunk:


Then go for it in 30 seconds just so you can have the pleasure of them realising how ridiculous that is. Might be worth taking a revision :slight_smile:


I wonder what would get the point across better. Reading the script as normal, then suddenly cutting it off at the 30 second mark, or recording the entire script then tempo altering the audio track to fit 30 seconds and it becomes an unintelligible ear-piercing screech of sound.

-Not that I would recommend you to actually record the entire script! Seems like a ludicrous order and a waste of time.


Hahaha I actually DID record myself reading it as fast as I possibly could while still speaking every single word, and it came in at about 41 seconds. It sounds hilarious.

While I’m super tempted to take the advice given by y’all, I sadly decided to send them a polite message explaining that the script needs to be halved or the video needs to be doubled. If they have any doubts I’ll send them the recording. To be honest I just don’t think they read their script out loud and didn’t realize it would run over so much.


If clients ever get funny about this, I send them to a website like speechinminutes dot com (I know people can be funny about links on the forum).

You just input your word count, and it tells you how long it will take to speak, based on a slow, medium, fast pace. For 200 words, it estimates the FASTEST would be 1.3 minutes to speak.


yeah, this is about how long it took me to read it speaking at a fast but distinguishable pace. I actually laughed when I saw the script because I knew it was going to go way over 30 seconds.


And then my clients wonder why I have to have every single detail before an order is placed. I swear, half the work of making stuff for others is protecting them from themselves.


It reminds me a buyer who provided a 20 minutes videos where she was speaking non stop, and paid for a 10 minutes video package…

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Life would be simpler if we were selling bananas. To think about it, I am not sure about that either. The potential for stupidity has surprising ways of showing itself.