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Client to leave a review for free gig

I had a new client ask to add something to FB business page. it was for his charity (COVID-19). he offered to buy gig but I said I would do it free provided he leave a review. My question is how does he leave it if not purchased gig. Or any suggestions are welcome. Please don’t leave any comments about that I should not have done this… because I have a good heart. Plus it’s my right to do something above and beyond money, ya know? Also, EVERYONE on this planet is affected by this crazy virus (pandemic). Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It’s not your “right” to break the ToS, no. What an entitled statement. Fiverr doesn’t owe it to you to let you do what every you want with their services and they don’t have to let you use their services without paying their cut. If you don’t like the terms, don’t use the service.

If people want free support, they can go elsewhere. No need to do that on Fiverr.

It’s weird to me that you’re coming here asking for advice about how you can break the ToS and we’re supposed to be okay with that because you “have a good heart.”


It’s not possible. Fiverr isn’t like Amazon. On here, somebody actually has to purchase a gig before they can review it.

If your client wants to say something nice about you, he’ll have to do so on his blog or social media. He can’t use Fiverr’s review section until he buys your gig (for the minimum price of $5 plus fees).


Thank you for your kind response.

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Pretty direct. Seem I need to correct my wording. Thank you

Besides they offered to purchase another gig. Thank go Jesus. I guess its always to do good first