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Client trying to Avoid comm rights fee for commercial gig

I have a new client who has ordered incorrectly for a gig that just started and I cant get a hold of them to get this fixed but the timer doesn’t care about that.

Anyone else experienced this? How was it resolved?

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Did you try the resolution center? It seems you might need to talk to CS

Hi Indie,

I want to do that as a last resort, I had a customer that completely changed the order brief after placing it, and I contacted them because I would not be able to meet the deadline anymore and my client got offended and gave me an okay rating - stating that there was “no need to call the authorities” - So I need another way to fix this

Oh, that´s not cool. But at some point, he might have been right. Trying to direct contact the buyer before - and if you get no response within X time you can see a different alternative. Not sure what the whole situation was like.

Perhaps you could try sending a message to the buyer stating he has ordered incorrectly and why (I think helping the buyer understand why the order is wrong will make it easier) Also, sometimes buyers are not aware of the clock ticking on Fiverr, so it might be good to let them know, just as a reminder. If you are with a tight deadline you could wait for a reasonable response time before taking a different approach to solving the situation. Either by talking to CS or starting a dispute (like time extension or mutual cancellation for example.

I always send multiple messages, several a day until they answer and then if it’s about 8 hours from the delivery deadline I request a cancellation since they are not responding.

If they don’t answer that I have customer support cancel it.

Ladies your advice has struck a chord. I will use it all thank you! Pop by my gigs, press the like button. If you do voice overs too we can do a duet, that same client requested a female additional vocal from me… I will make this client happy too.