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Client trying to pay only $10 for a $15 service... and they wont accept the cancellation when I try


So I have a client asking me to accept only $10 for a service I added up to be $15.

I gave him a price quote for $15 and he made an order for $10 and said "Budget is tight I hope we can meet in the middle"

HAHAHA!! So I cancelled the order with a message saying "Would you go to McDonald’s and ask for a discount on your meal? How do you think that would go?"

The buyer has denied my cancellation and the order is still $10.

So , now that I’m fed up with fiverr and the lack of customer “Support” here …

I’m playing a new game. I am sending him a blank delivery. So now he has the obligation to have to login every day and reject the order… if he forgets for 3 days in a row. I win $10 for nothing.

This is the attitude I’m forced to take here on fiverr because it does not let me cancel gigs without the buyer accepting a cancellation.

What a stupid website this is.

Yet again , fiverr sellers must take it right up the butt.


Not sure what sort of gig were talking about but by meeting in the middle i would have offered to do something worth 10$. If client would keep insisting i would state that the only other option is a mutual cancellation, as a last resort i would message support even if i know it could take weeks to get a reply. By delivering blanks you are breaking the terms and thus you’re basically just giving the buyer more ammunition to use against you.

As it is support will just become more and more overwhelmed with tickets dealing with the same issues that could have been avoided with an option to approve gigs before gig goes active.


Yes, contact CS while you’re still in the process of trying to mutually cancel. Explain why you’re cancelling - that the buyer wants more than you can offer. Tell them the buyer is refusing cancellation, even though you’ve explained that you cannot offer what they want at the price they want.

I hope you’re able to get this solved in your favor. Sorry this happened to you.


Well the client finally got tired of having to click the “Modify work” button or whatever and left me a 1 star. So I got $10 for clicking a few buttons instead of getting $15 for doing a video. I win.

This is what is wrong with this site. We need to be able to DENY orders from stupid pricks like this.

My advice to everyone , is to let fiverr rest on the backburner. Screw your rating , don’t pay much attention to whatever you have going on here… take comfortable orders as you get them. Weed out the idiots like this guy who ordered from me … And go about your day worry free.

I dont care what kind of “ammunition” I gave him. He gave me 1 star , and $10. Hahahaha. Thats fine. Ratings don’t mean squat here. People look at your sample videos and intro video and a few ratings. I have like 200 positive ones to 3 negative ones… And all the negative ones are from idiots like this. Its just a shame no matter how hard you try , you’ll always get screwed at some point and someone will be a jerk and mess up your 100% good rating.

Its never too late to make your own website , sell your own service , and spend less time on this pos site.


I agree with you @easy_button. I’d rather take a blow on my ratings than let a buyer get away with something like that.

If only more sellers shared the same point of view, we’d see a decrease in the number of scammy buyers.


My point was that you shouldn’t need to risk loosing your account by delivering blanks. IF a buyer has threatened to give you a negative feedback for refusing extra free work that was not agreed upon in the initial order you should still be paid for delivering what you promised and a false negative should be removed by cs.

Lets imagine Fiverr was a fire department for a sec↓