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Client unavailable for 2 months


Hi guys, it’s my first fiverr forum post.

My gigs are related to wordpress website development. In May 2018, I started a new order with a seller who needs a website for his new restaurant. At that moment, the client doesn’t had any content so I told him that he can work on content while I am working on the website and I will use dummy content and replace the dummy content with original content once the website is complete.

So I completed the website with dummy content and submitted him the website, he loves the design and my work. The seller asked for few basic revisions which I did happily. The order has been automatically marked as complete and the payment has cleared the 14 days pending period long ago and I have received the payment in my bank more than 1 month ago. The client had disappeared for 2 months, now it’s end of July 2018 and he is asking me to change the content on his website for free, he is not even providing all the content all at once. He is giving content in bits and pieces, I can not work for free after so many days. If I deny the client to do the work then I fear that he will give a negative review to my gig, I contacted the fiverr support and I am sorry to say the support was of no help.

What would you have done if you were at my place?



As you have your decided pay already and this is you who have suggested to work with dummy data and then replace it with original content so you should complete your commitment without additional cost. However client should give you content all at once but my dear you have to bear it for survival on Fiverr.
It is the harsh reality !!!



Sorry about this. We learn everyday! Ideally, when ordering for a website service/gig, it should include maintenance charges and other issues arising as time goes on. It is your responsibility to inform the client from the beginning of the order what the order includes, and if the maintenance or other charges are involved or if subsequently he will be charged another fee separately if he needs to fix one or two. I recommend you settle the client if it doesn’t take much of your time. Fortunately, a client cannot change his/her feedback after leaving the review.


Before you agree to take on a project you need to send a proposal that covers content upload. Something like if the content is not provided X days before the project deadline then dummy content will be used instead.