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Client Want Me Stop Work on complete order

Hi. do you guys ever have the situation like me?
i got an order with 200pcs of work. and the order is automacally complete bcz the client late response and didn’t click for revisions.
so i ask on fiverr support and they tell me that i still can do the work on message, so we still do the work by message. and suddenly my client tell me to stop the work and will be pay my work that i already done, i already done it around 142pcs.
i just speechless don’t know what to say, she said bcz my style artwork is not what she needed… but i already do 142pcs more than 50% her order.
i already message CS but still waiting for the answer :frowning: do you guys have this experience on fiverr? cz im just new here like 2 months. thank you :slight_smile:

Hello, you can tell her that the order is in progress and most of it has been done so you need to go ahead and complete it and then deliver it to her. Tell her it can’t be stopped before delivery and after you have already done so much work, nor can the amount she paid be changed.

Good communication with her will solve this problem for you. Let her know that what she is asking for-- to stop the order as it is in progress and change how much she paid, is not possible.


i already said it to her, and she answer " I didn’t get the answer from the support yet, because I sent it not long ago. Please dont take it personally, because I do appreciate your creativity, it just doesn’t fit the style we are looking for. Even the pics you did after the pics I sent you were not in the style we were looking for."
i just so speechless right now and on’t know what to do :frowning:


agree with @misscrystal.
And communication is the best way to deal with this kind of situation.
Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

You should send your conversation with her when she says “not the style we were looking for” in a screenshot to customer support and tell them she wants to stop the order in progress and get a partial refund, and tell them you will not do that as you have already done most of the work.

Please let us know what happens.


thank you so much for the reply, i already message them again and tell them the history and send them the screenshot… and im still waiting for the reply from CS Fiverr, and also i also send her all the artwork that ive already done… i don’t know what to say, she didn’t reply but online… so iwill be waiting for cs fiverr than…

and ive been searching online and got so many review that they didn’t receive any money, thats so sad to hear cause it tooks so much time :’(

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But it does sound that your order is already marked as completed but you still didn’t finish your work?
If so what did you send in a delivery first time?
If you didn’t send all 200+ pictures to her in a delivery box on the order fiverr can cancel your order without paying you because you abused delivery button and sent incomplete delivery.


yup i did delivery her… she send me the package its not all 200 at first.
she send me first package 52 pict… and the second package is 40 pict… i did delivery to her but the order was automatically done because she didn’t selected revisions, the order is automatically complete on three days if you already delivered it and the client didn’t response… (i just knew it from this case, and i already ask cs)… so basically its not me who is didn’t complete this order.

the order is 7 days, and i was waiting every package from her… so thats why i can draw 200pict to finish.

Was all 200 included in the gig price?
If so then CS usually doesn’t look at the fact that buyer was sending pictures partially, you should’ve extend delivery time and let them send them all instead of sending part of it.

But I hope that CS would be more reasonable this time.

nope i didn’t know she will made it into package at first… just knew it once its notif complete so… the cs team already reply like this

Hey there,

I understand your concern, so let me help :slight_smile:

Since you’ve not completed the whole task, I’d suggest you two agree on a price for a partial refund. It is the fairest for both sides. Anyway, should the seller provide us with the proof that the order was not done accordingly, the order might get canceled.

In the case of partial refund, you’d have to send them a custom offer reflecting the price you’ve agreed on and then, once marked as completed, we’ll go ahead and cancel the first order.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Have a nice one!

??? why? No wonder this happened. Never send the incomplete order to the buyer in advance. Send it all at once in a final delivery.

bcz its still package like i said… i just didn’t know it will be happen like this :frowning:

So then there were two orders that automatically completed? It’s a little hard to understand how many orders you are talking about. Not sure what you mean by it’s a package.

If you delivered two orders and they completed then she shouldn’t get a refund for those.

If you delivered part of the order before the rest of it that’s going to result in what you are experiencing where they have the work and then want to cancel the rest.


its one order… one order is 200 picture… so i create the offer and waiting for the list 200 pict i need to draw, but she send me little by little… like 50 list to draw first after than 50… and finally she send me 200 list… but when im still on going to make it and i already draw 142 pictures, she wants me stop and want to may me with only the pict that i already made which is 142pict …
so the order start (7days) and she send me 50 to draw…
and i made it and send it to her.
the next day she send me 50, and i send it delivery again…
and she didn’t response (i just knew that the order will be automatically complete if costumer didn’t response till 3days)
so i asking her and she said no uncomplete it. so i ask fiverr cs about it and they tell me i still can work by message…

and we start work by message, 3 days later she send me full list and im working on it…
i send it to her again 42 pict… so total i already made is 142 picts, and she ask how she want to revisions? i said you can tell me here.
and the next days she said “she wants me to stop this and want to pay the work that i already did”

and i made this story here.

I see. Well it’s a shame that the pictures were delivered piece by piece. Customer support gave an answer although I’m not sure how they handle a partial refund.

Figure out what 25% of the total price is and tell customer support to give her a refund of that amount. I didn’t know they did that but that’s what they told you to do.

It seems like she should get about a 25% refund to me.

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