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Client want to cancel because bought the gig with the wrong credit card, what to do?

Hi, i have a -very kind and well known- client that is asking if it is possible to cancel a gig (custom offer of $150) and then buy another with the same terms, because he use the wrong bank card. Any suggestions? I guess this will drop my cancellation rate anyway, right? Or is possible to change this in the current order? Thanks if anyone have an advice


It’s not your fault , contact support and explain the situation.

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Don’t let them cancel. Deliver the work on time and suggest the buyer take the problem up with customer support.

As far as I know, if he/she cancel, they wont get refunded into their credit card. They will get a credit to use in fiverr site.

explain this and maybe they will not want to cancel the order.


I never thought about that. You’re right!

Hi, i don’t see here some choice to mark the question as ‘solved’, but you’re advice help me to solve it! Thanks a lot, you save my delivery rate and gig position!

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@xuntes is right. Thanks

Thank you @xuntes, this is also very new to me, didn’t know that, thank you for sharing this.

That money won’t get back to that person’s credit card unless they contact CS. They can’t reorder and regain the money they first spent. They’re only spending more at that point.