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Client want to cancel through a dispute though all work done

hi everyone,
i’ve been. doing fiverr for 2 months now and i am facing my first dispute with a client, who requested a cancelation. here is the story, if someone can guide me through the best way to handle it.

first the client requested me to build a platform for him in 1 week, which i accepted. we agreed that his project was too wide to tackle in 1 week so we decided to break it up into phases. once we came to the terms, we agreed and i sent him an offer which he accepted.

i delivered the project about 10 days ago, and he requested revisions (he had 5), in those revisions he was asking for specific bug fixes. and little features, that were out of the initial contract. i accepted and added them. today he reached his limit of revisions and he requested to cancel the order because “he is not satisfied” with what he got.

the problem is that: he has all the source code and i also did the server installation and setup, and domain name.

i do not want to accept the cancelation, but i am new to fiverr what i s the proper way to handle such cases? is it going to impact my rating and placement on the platform? if i refuse the cancelation what will happen?

thank you!

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You can simply cancel his cancellation request saying you did his all work correctly if he wants then cancelation you can contact to the customer support.

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You obviously have only 2 choices: cancel or stand your ground and decline cancellation.

  1. If you decide to stand your ground you need to make sure that your communication is very clear. He is not eligible for cancellation as orders not eligible to be cancelled on clients satisfaction. You can tell him that and add that you are happy to work on his order but extra revisions will cost him x$.
    Bare in mind that if he agrees for that you are risking of getting bad review.
  2. If you cancel your order completion will go down and you will just loose your time that you worked on this order.

If you decide to stand your ground you can also tell him that if he cancels the order he wouldn’t be able to use your work anymore as all copyrights will remain with you.


thanks for your response!

this is my main concern right now, but w are talking here about a 4 digit work, measuring the pros and cons for me a newbie fiverrer is sort of complicated.

have you been through something similar? what do you suggest?

All of us have been in that situation and not once. That’s what you have to deal with if you work in service industry.

Personally I never agree for Cancellation. I always stand my ground and I’d rather get a bad review and be paid than cancel and loose my time. On top of that I can always write my response on that review and it will be a big red sign for all scammers that they wouldn’t get away with free work with me.

However I do understand that if you are a new seller one bad review might be more damaging than a cancellation.

So at the end it’s up to you what will you choose as the least worst situation for you.


What if Fiverr Cancel you order when you stand on your ground without even talking to you and listening to your side of story? Who is to blame and is responsible then ? When the customer want cancellation on false ground you declined it and it got cancel by fiverr without even talking to you

Look, there is always a possibility that that might happen.
There is no one to blame. And it’s not the “blame” that matter in a business.

In difficult orders like this one I alway reach out to CS first one, of course they will always say to communicate with your buyer to resolve it. However they will be aware of the situation if client will reach out to them.

And in case if they do cancel it, you can always write to CS, it might take some time but if you do manage to prove that you are right there is a big chance that they will compensate your order.

On a separate note: some losses are inevitable when you are running your business.


Thanks for your genuine response and your advice. I will look to work on it.

Sorry and how do you reach out to customer support?

Im facing simmilar y have done more than the gig has and now they say they do not want to continue but agreed on paying some part of the job so i understand if i accept the dispute i will get 0 so what can i do?

You can’t be partially paid for a job. This is a marketplace.

We can’t tell you what you should do but personally I wouldn’t spend more time on someone who looks like a scammer.