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Client wants a refund with no reason

Hello all,

this never happened to me for more than 2 years on Fiverr and would like to hear someone else’s opinion about it.

So basically I was working more than 3 hours to do the work, do everything as requested then the client just says - "I am not happy’ with no explanation, not asking for a single revision, but straight ask for a refund.

I do refund, but in this case I just simply disagree and find it very unfair. I suggested for the client to contact fiverr customer service and we both explain our point of view.

Does this happen to you and what are you doing in that case?

Come on, we are not working for free here?!



I feel like the buyer had a emergency happen and needs every penny he or she can get for the situation


I totally agree,

she said she gave the work to someone else. Never asked for revision, could not say what is wrong, just ‘Give me a refund’


Refuse to give a refund in this case.

This is something I wouldn’t tolerate and I would refuse, over and over again if I needed to. Keep delivering the same thing each time they try to cancel.

This is a buyer hiring you, have you do the job, getting the finished work, then trying to get it for free. Absolutely refuse.

Let customer support know with screenshots of what the buyer said when they asked for a refund that someone is trying to get work for free. That way when this buyer tells customer support they want a refund they will see you already reported it and said no.


I absolutely agree with you!
And I did refused as it is simply not fair for us sellers, to be treated this way!

I did all the work requested and the work is great! I have more than 1500 five star reviews and she is telling me I do not know how to do my work, but at the same time, she can not pin point what is wrong and do not ask for revisions. Because there is nothing to complain.

I will send screenshots to the customer support and show the work and how everything she requested was done…And if she gets a refund and I ended up working on vain for 3 hours, I will be disappointed to say at least.

So frustrating…


I had this happen recently and customer support did not give the buyer a refund.

You probably won’t hear from CS if they do go to customer support, but in my case, someone found the buyer complaining about how they couldn’t get a refund, from me or from customer support, on another site! :laughing:


But should I contact customer support as well and explain the situation or just wait and see?

P.S. Not to say that not only you end up working for free, but it hurts your cancelation rate and this is so hard to raise

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Yes contact them and let them know this buyer wants it free, and send screenshots of when they asked for the refund. It will help if he goes to CS to see you already reported it.

In my case at least CS knew already the buyer was trying to get free work. He might even have gotten the same CS person I had reported it to.

I had to refuse to cancel three times, by redelivering the same thing. Like your buyer, he didn’t have any reason aside from saying he “didn’t want it now”.


Thank you @misscrystalx Will contact CS immediately

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I have faced this situation several times and refunded without contacting CS. But next time I’ll follow your advice

Thank you!


There was one particular instance where I did this and suddenly saw “cancelled by Fiverr Admin”, without even having time to write and submit my own ticket to CS, without them even caring what my side of the story was.

Apparently the buyer opened a ticket while he was refusing the delivery & while I was busy writing messages & redelivering, and that was enough to get his money back, even though I had delivered Exactly as advertised :pensive: So basically now buyers can force cancel either via chargebacks or via CS :man_facepalming:

Do you know what they told me when I asked them why they’ve cancelled my order? That the buyer ordered by mistake - so the buyer saw it as a mistake only after I delivered, and they granted his wish to cancel :roll_eyes:


I’m so sorry to hear this happened to you. I haven’t had that experience. It may depend on the CS person, as well as the fact that the buyer got to CS first.


True, which is why now I immediately submit a ticket before dealing with a delivery refusal - so far so good :slight_smile:


This is so unfair!

I did submit a ticket explaining the situation and sending the work I delivered with all the requested edits.

I will update what happens…


I had the same thing happen. Customer ordered then asked for a refund. I asked them what was wrong and whether there was something I could do to help but no response. I submitted a ticket and refused to cancel. A week later no response to my ticket the buyer asked for a refund again stating that I was not qualified to carry out the gig, What the customer wanted? I don’t know because they wouldn’t tell me. In the end I had to cancel and wear the problems that cancelling brings to sales and cancellation rates. I do agree that this system can be improved.


I haven’t been in your situation, but unless what I delivered was manifestly at odds with what the buyer asked for, I personally would refuse to provide a refund for completed work under all circumstances.

Buyers are not entitled to free work. If the buyer is genuinely unhappy with what you’ve done, she/he is more than welcome to express that unhappiness through a review, which you are at liberty respond to by outlining a summary of your version of the transpired events.


Sometimes they do not know what they want or just not behaving like adults!..

It is hard for me maintaining the cancelation rate as well due to such customers. I have had some that even say - ‘I changed my mind, please cancel the order’, even before they send any info about the work… They simply don’t care how much they bring down your profile or that you have been spending hours working on their requests…

I have the feeling that 1 canceled order bring down with 1% your rate, but it takes like at least 100 orders to bring it up with 1%


this is totally unfair after hours of working buyer says that he is unhapy and he knows that he’s going to get refund after contacting CS if he is unhappy

so he just said he is unhappy

i’ve been in same situaltion but for bigger website orders which take 10 days

so after cancellations we did work for free and spent our time on something that didnt have value

You cant do much about it if contacts CS and said he is unhappy fiverr customer support will cancel order its better you cancell it with mutual cancellation

I was told by customer support (not sure if this correct) if they don’t submit the details then it doesn’t affect your rating. I am hoping so because I am relying on this to get my levels back. Yeah I know what you mean I had customers asking me to do illegal things that I cancelled and one customer that tried to pretend that it is 1 video when in fact it is 30 videos and just paying for 1 then abuse me for being lazy and saying I don’t like work. But they didn’t do anything about it my level still dropped. I hope they fix it.


CS will not do much about it if buyer wants he’s money back and hit will have to take by seller

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