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Client wants colorful black and white designs Help!


somebody help me please!!, my client is nitpicking at the slightest little thing, it’s revisions after revisions she wants a brightly colored black and white design!! and send me pics too of a black and white design, there are crazys on board! she would be very specific about an item down to the very last detail then changes it completely! where do these people come from? she want eight items done, the date of the gig is passed and she is only on the second item!..because of the numerous revisions. what should I do? and don’t tell me to cancel all of my time and effort! thanks guys.


Colorful black and white design? If you have what is needed for the remaining items go ahead and complete those. Take screen shots of your conversations with the buyer and be ready to show them to Customer Service because it’s starting to sound like a problem buyer.

This is where automatic billing should be in play for each revision that is requested that goes beyond the minimum. Hope it works out.


It can’t be.
For each design, three “revisions”. Not three “remakes”.
Require an extension of the delivery time if necessary.
After that, stop.

I see that your Gigs have a delivery time inversely proportional to the number of items, which is strange.
5 custom made designs with 3 revisions in 4 days is a demanding task.
17 designs with 3 revisions in 2 days is a problem.


thanks I am beginning to think it’s an old lady who wants company and communication, by making me miserable!


thanks Pacquo, no the custom made items I set the delivery time, but the three revisions relates to the gig which there is no need for any revisions at all.


Colorful black and white design, interesting :roll_eyes:.
You already say “don’t tell me to cancel” but I would still suggest to cancel if you are sure you will get 10 order in 60 days. Then you can afford one cancellation without hurting your level.
Stress will hurt more and It seems situation may go worse since it is second design out of eight.
Best of luck


thanks, you guys are right, I should have cancelled in the early, two weeks later she is still here, I have completed soo many orders some which are much larger than hers! she is still nagging me I have never had a client for so long how do I shake this …bat, now I want to charge her extra now for the torment, but I feel this would be like throwing diesel on the fire, fiverr support can do nothing!! any suggestions



Take the bad review. Give her a bad review. Explain clearly why she was a bad client to your future buyers.

Move on.


Yea but my time and effort trying to please her! is more than worth what she even paid!


…brightly colored black and white design!! and send me pics too of a black and white design

Maybe send her some brighter/more contrasty black and white designs (assuming that’s what she wants, and not a brighter black and white design(s) with a few colour elements). Ask her exactly what she means if unsure of the requirements.


I am sure you’ve learned lot of lessons from this order (still learning :wink:).
Every tough situation makes us stronger and experienced to handle similar situation in future.
Take this order as positive.


Why dont you say no?
Or if you prefer, say “Of course, that will cost an extra $XX as I have already completed what you asked me to”


I understand the concern.

This is what I would do, personally.

However, I also understand your point of view.

The fact is that she doesn’t seem to either ‘know’ what she wants. Those are the worst clients.

I was having trouble with one client of mine. We could not seem to agree on what she wanted. So I told her I wanted to cancel the order because it was getting nowhere. Suddenly, she knew what she wanted.

Personal experience. And she ended up being a very satisfied customer.