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Client wants me to sign an agreement

Yes. And that kind of exploitation causes stress. There are enough things happening right now to raise our blood pressure. This is one you can prevent. Look after your health.


I agree. And I have a feeling that I will let him go. Every time I think we have everything set, he comes back with anything else.


Yes not worth it. I find it feels great to accept the reality, cancel and move on.


Thank you so so much for your words. I guess I will analyze my data and raise my prices for one month or two and then analyse my sales and customer behaviour again. Thanks a lot!


It’s not their problem, though, so of course they don’t think about it.

Perhaps educating them about the value they’re getting from you (and that they wouldn’t get from anyone else at that price) would be a better approach?


I already do that, but I believe that it’s because of the idea that people have about Fiverr. Even with pro services being sold here, most of the people try to get the cheapest price.

Sometimes people ask me to sign an NDA and it’s ok. This type of situation is the very first time. I have mentioned TOS and probably I will let this client go. We have been talking about his project for weeks and we are not getting anywhere.

I talked to CS about it and was told that I was only permitted to sign the NDA with my fiverr’s username and signature. I signed those who agreed to that “just to get the legal department off their back” but most buyers tend to want the full legal information put in there and I can’t do that. So I prefer not to sign anything. I don’t charge enough to read through legal documents of any sort.

Thanks for sharing that information. I totally understand. I never signed an NDA with legal information on it.

However, this buyer is not asking an NDA, but a very different document.

Once you raise your prices, the number of cheapskate buyers gets much lower, and you start getting buyers who want quality and are perfectly fine paying for it. If you offer 200 words as a starting point instead of 100, you can even keep the price, and you’ll avoid those looking for $5 gigs.

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That’s a great idea. I was worried with my returning customers and this sounds like a perfect solution. Thank you so much for sharing.


When I started fiverr I asked for almost anything only 5 dollars.
My mindset was that that way I will get some starting orders and reviews to grow my page but no.
I didn’t get a single order expect for people asking me to do even more for 5$ so I out of irritation put all my prices to be at least 15$ for some basic jobs and voila.

I’m getting more orders, earning more money etc.

I guess it is about people thinking that for better price they feel more secure and think they got a better job.

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This isn’t a buyer. This is someone trying to steal your identity. They are stretching communication out over a long period to build trust. If you do give the information they are looking for, they will wait a little while and then say they need a copy of your ID, you holing your ID, your social security number, then possibly your bank account details.

Report this person as sending spam and block them. Nothing good will come of continuing to communicate even if they are a legitimate buyer.


i saw a murthy’s law video where they look at fiverrs TOS as it relates to copyright. in it, they say the wording of the TOS is a little confusing and you probably own all right regardless, but they suggest asking the seller to sign a waiver just in case, if you plan on using a logo for it’s intended purpose, say. i can’t shake the feeling of maybe they saw the same video

i have a question though. i understand that by default i (the buyer) own all rights to the logo that i pay for. in an instance where the seller offers commercial rights as a gig extra and i don’t pay for that, that i can only use said logo for personal use

i understand that, but if if there is a commercial rights gig extra and i do pay for that, does that mean i still don’t have full rights that i would have by default? because there is a distinction between full and commercial rights. if you charge for commercial rights, can you then charge more for full right? i saw a gig (in fun and leisure) that didn’t offer any gig extras, but in the description it said that the seller retains all rights of the wording of the delivered advise, does that hold any water?

voiceover work of course comes with it’s own set of rules, and your particular gig does clearly in black and white what those rules are and what you’ll need, which is cool, and yeah i would also avoid his contract like a black rat with a new and consistent cough. i can’t fully blame him for not understanding fiverrs TOS though

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We all operate our small businesses in different ways.

But I would respond to the client by writing something like “We have been discussing this project for several weeks now. At no point prior to X days ago have you raised your requirement of me signing a contract. Not only is this a new condition, but part of your contract is not in English. Therefore without employing the services of a qualified translator, I would have no idea what the contract states. You have not only changed the scope of our discussions but involved me in additional costs and time. I would therefore like to give you two options to proceed. 1) Either you drop the requirement for the signing of the contract and accept that your copyright is assured by Fiverr’s own terms and conditions that we would have both agreed to when creating an account, or else we mutually agree to cancel the job.”

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…“at which point you cannot use the work even if you have it”

Thanks for sharing your experience and congrats.

I already did. After I explained averything he was keep trying to convince me to sign the document. Those things has to be stated since the beggining, not only a few weeks after we discuss the details of an order that never been placed. Thank you for your advice.

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Yes, usually sellers charge much more for full rights. Regarding the voice over industry:

➙ Commercial Rights: To use the content to promote your product/service at non-paid marketing channels.
➙ Full Broadcast Rights: To use the content to promote your product/service at paid broadcasting channels, like Radio, TV and Internet.

And yes, I already avoided, since this buyer started to try to convince me (again) to sign the document. Even if he pretends to place an order for a medium size project we are not getting anywhere.

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The question is, he never placed an order. He was about to discuss all the details of the project first, justified because it was a medium size order (I’m glad he did it - I don’t like to cancel orders that shouldn’t be placed in the first place). After I explained everything regarding Fiverr TOS and the guarantees that this platform provide he kept pushing me to sign the document, saying that nobody refused and trying to convince me to do it. So, I explained again that I would not sign the document.