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Client wants to change the review


client wants to change the review . he gave me 3.2 ratings but now wants to change that . how can he do that ??


listen! you send a feedback changing offer to the client than client change the rating.
go to order resolution center in notification menu.


Same Problem with me. I got a order and delivered the order in 1 day. And I saw buyer gave me good comment but 4 start… But suddenly he message me that " Hello I gave 5 star I do not know why changed to 4, can change? " Then i tried contact with fiverr support… And I got a TOS Violation on my fiverr account. I don’t know what is the actual problem…


You asked you client why he left 4 stars? If you did, probably that triggered ToS violation warning.


No. I didn’t ask anything man.


In that case, you should contact CS and ask why you got ToS violation warning. Try not to bombard them with messages. I’d suggest you to keep the message short and straight forward instead of explaining every bit of the story.


Thank you soo much…