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Client was extremely abusive and canceled order after it was ready

so, I just had an order from a client to make a 32x32 sprite of her character, when i went to confirm the order and the character characteristics with her she got aggressive and insulted me(i was doing the exact same process i do with all my buyers), it gave me a red flag about the kind of client i was working with, but it was good money so i did her order anyways, after i delivered her order she insulted me even more and canceled the order saying that “it was too small”(no shit sherlock, its a 32x32 sprite) and that “i own games this no good” and kept insulting me and complaining that she would not pay for that. I made exactly what my examples and the gig description says i would, how can it be that if i don’t accept the cancelation i will get a bad review but if i accept it then my numbers go down permanently?
its not my fault the buyer is unable to read the description of what she is buying, lost my time, money and statistics…


You can write a rebuttal to your buyers review. Make it factual and explain your side. Some buyers do this to get work free. Do not let them take advantage of you!


You could have reported the messages if they were against the terms of service which says in the non-permitted usage section:

Inappropriate Behavior & Language -Communication on Fiverr should be friendly, constructive, and professional. Fiverr condemns bullying, harassment, and hate speech towards others.

Also maybe add the word “pixel” to the gig title after 32x32 to make it even clearer (so it says “32x32 pixel sprite”).

If you wanted you could have an extra (chargeable) where you created bigger sprites (64x64 pixels?) if they wanted that.


so i should have kept disputing the cancelation even if it meant a bad review and then just rebut the review? wouldn’t the bad review be more impacting in my ratings?

didn’t really think about reporting it to be honest… will add the pixel thing, thanks for the recommendation, also, i am working on offering other gigs with higher resolutions, but this one is supposed to be on my style, was only offering this one because I wanted to see how the Fiverr experience was with work that I am really comfortable doing.

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We are really at a disadvantage either way, a bad review vs. a cancellation. You have to decide which would be worse for you.


and how can I know which one is worse? is there a way to calculate the impact it will have?

Sure, look at your analytics page. Can you have a cancellation since you don’t have any in the last 60 days? Then that might be best.

Or do you have some 1 and 2 star reviews in the last 60 days and another one would put you over the limit?


I see, in this case, it was even worse because this one buyer had made two separate orders at the same time, so I got two cancelations at once.

In your case as a level 0 it won’t cause you to lose a level since you are at the lowest level, being new, so not much to worry about there. You do need to add the word “pixel” after the sizes. Also it would be good to offer something else and have at least one more gig.


Unscrupulous sellers use the potential of a bad review to prey on sellers. Do not let them exploit you like this. Always cancel. Never let anyone abuse you just to try to avoid a bad review. And this IS abuse. With someone like this, there’s a possibility of a bad review either way, anyway. Never enable people to abuse you.

Your business can survive a bad review, plus you can respond to the review publicly. Your business should be strong enough to come back from that. The occasional bad review is a part of doing business.

Plus it’s terrible for your mental health. You should cancel the moment someone abuses you before you even start the order.

That first message was a huge red flag. No one abusive like that becomes a nice person. Don’t become prey to terrible buyers. They prey on people who they think they can manipulate.

I’m sorry she did this to you.


The effect of cancellations should be gone after 60 days (though I’m not sure if it will have a long term effect on gig ranking). But 1 bad review if you’ve only got 2 other reviews might prevent you from sending offers to buyer requests (I think you need at least around 4.5 star average for the last 60 days) until the 60 day average gets high enough or it might even stop people buying the gig for a new gig.

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If the buyer used abusive language and if he/she insulted you then contact support and have them look at the order… you can let them know that you are not comfortable to work with someone that insulted you and that in your opinion you made exactly what he asked … and then ask them to cancel the order without affecting your stats , it’s worth a try


I see, I have been quite scared of bad reviews, to be honest, I am relying on Fiverr, neonmob, and sales for my monthly income so its a really big deal for me. thank you so much for your kind words and will take your tips in consideration on future situations(even if I hope there will be none, but I know there will).

60 days is a long time, and most of my orders are custom offers, so that would be very bad for me… Thanks for the insights

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I did contact support, I am waiting for their response on this matter, I hope it’s a positive one but I have been warned that they stay on the buyers side a little too often

That is why you never rely on things you can’t control and you must diversify your business.

Otherwise you will do things out of fear and let people take advantage. That is no way to live your life and will not lead to a profitable business.


If you are right,support will help there’s no doubt about it

its not really by choice, my country is in a really bad crisis right now and its really hard to get jobs, my mother has been unemployed for the past year and I have been for the past couple of months, so I am relying on “alternative” ways to make some money from my work online…
Will try diversifying more, but I honestly have no idea what else I can do, I offer freelance work, commissions, sell series on neonmob and sell prints at conventions, can’t see many other options to be honest.

i sure hope so, thanks