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Client was RUDE to me

Hi everyone…hope someone read this and can help me. I have the good luck (well I hope that its not only that and I am doing a good work), that I’m having a lot of new orders, and i love it.

I started working on Fiverr on my free time, and now i have to be very organized on my schedules (I work Monday-Friday 9 am -7 pm Saturday 9am - 2pm at a Corporate Office as a Graphic Designer). So, that explains why I extended my delivery times, I CAN ONLY WORK AT NIGHT,WEEKENDS OR ON MY LUNCH BREAK AT WORK. I hope this year I can be a Full time Freelancer, but now, I cant, I need the salary and the incomes from Fiverr that are helping me A LOT.

Recently I received this order of a client (woman as far as I know), who has been very rude and exigent, and didn’t respect the delivery time that we had already agreed, and wanted it faster, but not willing to pay the extra for that. The order was for $25 because includes the source file and 1 revision (but, I always give the extra revisions for free). I delivered to her 5 days early.

First it all, when the Order started I sent her the requirements, she didn’t reply me according to them, she just told me that by inbox she had already explain it to me (True, but I still needed it more info, but ok…I tried my best to understand her idea).

I only had to redraw a Logo she sent me and add a Girl sitting on a “beach chair” with her laptop. These were the EXACTLY / ONLY instructions, she gave me.

When I delivered the order, she rejected telling me to change it…I did it. I deliver it again, and she again rejected it, telling me that need it to look more happy, because the Girl looked TIRED. So I did the modification “again”…but when I did the Third delivery, I mentioned to her (I swear that I am always polite) that those kinds of requirements were the ones I needed it since the beginning for avoid misunderstanding, and if she wanted a new modification would cost $5 extra.

And then she rejected the order AGAIN…telling me that she knew how it works the service and she had already paid $25, so, now she wanted me to erase the Girl from the design…and when she decides to put something different like: “…MONEY FALLING FROM THE SKY” she will pay the $5 extra. <— yes, this was a sarcastic mocking about the extra payment.

I delivered the order again, I explained to her the files that I was giving, and asked to her to please close it and that i hope she have a nice day.

I haven’t received a reply or the close from the order…but now I’m worried that she may give me a bad score because of that. Should I report her if that happen? or just ignore her and give her a bad score too?..or maybe…ask for a cancellation?

I think it’s unfair that people like Her act like if they are paying you a fortune for the service, I’m not exigent with the payment, you can read the comments that my customers left me, I always try to offer them more in the service, and I worked very hard to get to Level 2 and now I wish to reach the Top seller someday.

I do not want her to ruin my rating for her aggressive attitude.

What do you think?

Most of the time it is A language factor and then there is the cultural and of course lack of respect and understanding

@dulexe i really like how you have clearly explained it.the Girl looked TIRED and MONEY FALLING FROM THE SKY”. I clearly understand your situation with your buyer. If this buyer happen to give you a negative review because of this, you should contact fiverr customer care support for the removal of the feedback. You should also send screenshots of your messages with the buyer. This buyer wanted to get TWO DESIGN LOGOS for just one price.

the funny fact is that she and I speak the same language native (Spanish).

Thanks for understand me!! :’). I really hope she will not do that, but I guess sometimes when you try your best to do a good work…its not enough for some people :(.

I think with as many orders in your que – If I had that many orders, I’d cry. I don’t know how your doing it. That’s a lot of work for 1 person not to mention working, dealing with inbox, modifications, that’s CRAZY lol… Statistically your bound to deal with some crazy nuts. You just need to drive on. Don’t want all the carts to your train to derail over some nut jobs!

Yes its a lot of work, but well, I need it. And Im doing fine with a good schedule and being organized. But yeah, you are right, sometimes are going to be some difficult people.

it has passed to me with 2 orders. I think that some buyers ask for changes not to say that the work came good and for not pay you. Some buyers taking the files without paying

Yes, that happens often…they ask for a modification…but they never answer again.

Just wait and watch,don’t cancel the order because you should keep that money,you deserve it.
But if that woman try to mess up with you by giving rude comments on the order and a poor rating,then contact Fiverr CS.

I fully understand where you are coming from. For this order, you should wait to see what happens, and if this person gives you a bad review, then contact customer service. I had to refund $65 a few weeks ago because a buyer was unreasonable and I didn’t want to risk a negative review. My advice for the future is to cancel the order sooner once you realize that the buyer is unreasonable. Sometimes it is hard giving money back, but it is better then a negative review.

Some buyers are rude, some sellers are rude. This is the world unfortunately.
Personally, I would not worry about the possibility of a negative review. It is not like you only have 2 reviews and this could be a big problem. You have lots of orders and lots of reviews, getting a bad one will not make any difference to you. If you simply cancel it then you are giving your work away for free. Go to CS if she will not accept the order or will not pay for more modifications.
Sellers need to wake up and realize that the more people cancel orders because a buyer threatens a bad review then the more it will happen. When I consider how many people RECOMMEND cancelling, from newbies to TRS’s, to avoid a bad review I am surprised we don’t have every buyer threatening a bad review and getting the work done for free!

I understand your point, and yes, I prefer not to cancel an order, because at the end, I did the work. Almost all the time I try to have a good dialogue with the client. But well, some clients refuse to respond again. By now, the order has been marked automatically as complete, and I am more calm about it.

Ever thought about taking a swing at her?