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Client went mad after cancelletion. Need help

Hey people. I am a level 1 seller/tattoo designer. although on my gig description says that they should contact me before placing an order, a client ordered a tattoo design yesterday. I already know that as a seller we shouldnt convince potential clients talk to us before placing an order, so I didnt really mind.

anyways, I started drawing and meanwhile update the client about the process, which I always try to do. everytime I update my client, she just pointed out negative sides about the design. and told me that she didnt like it. therefore I redesigned the whole thing once again. then told me that she liked the previous one, although it needed to be fixed (by drawing at least 5 hours). let me tell you that there are doable things and undoable things on a tattoo design. if the request is undoable, I always explain why it is undoable. So I informed the client about the outcomes, explained why it was a undoable willing for the design. After total of 6-7 hours of drawing, I decided that I wasnt able to satisfy the customer and was unable to convince her about her willings are not possible on the design. so I thanked to her and sent here cancelletion request.

after a few hour she messaged me on fiverr. was telling that it was offensive to sent her a cancelletion request and also told me that I have wasted her time and money. Besides she told me that she would give me a negative feedback on fiverr. and also told me that I missed a good amount of tip etc etc… I know that a cancelled order couldnt be rated. I dont really care about the tip either, and I know that my level up progress would slow down. but I wonder if she could report me just because of the cancelletion. I sticked on my professionalism. She refused to cancel my order at first but then accepted it. and at the same time she didnt like my design. over 60 order experience, this is the first time I face this kind of situation.

so I wonder if a can a client can report you just because you wanted to cancel the order in middle of the progress?

any advice and any answer would be appreciated. Thanks!


If you were polite and professional while talking with your buyer she does not have grounds to report you. If she does report you to Customer Service, Fiverr will look at your conversation and see you were professional and polite and that will be that.

She will get her funds back less the handling fee.

I doubt you did.


thanks for the answer. although non of my questions were answered :slight_smile: I already know that she will get her money back. And I already know that if I get reported the cs would look into the converstation also. and about the tip. wish I had it, dying inside.

Then what other questions did you have?

I see that @vickiespencer covered your main question and there are no other questions or at least sentences with a question mark in your post.


my main question was, if we could cancel the order in middle of the progress. if it is our right to do. thanks.

The option to cancel wouldn’t exist if it were not permitted. Fiverr dislikes cancellations (means they don’t get their cut), but they are totally a legitimate means of handling bad Buyers.

It’s a good thing to say ‘no’.


thanks finally a good answer! I appreciate it.

Yah, like that’s gonna happen all the time.

I RARELY have Buyers contact me prior to placing an order.

It’s something I’ve gotten used to as a freelancer.

It has helped me to be more flexible with my time so that I can address the requests that come in the orders that do not include discussions in advance.

You may want to look at trying that in case you have more Buyers just ordering from you.