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Client wishes to cancel the order, will it impact on profile?

A client of Fiverr has placed the order with incorrect amount, and I’m not comfortable to work in that low cost. I sent another offer by adding extras but she declined it and asked for refund. Should I cancel the order or ask her to to cancel it? Will it be impact on your profile due to order cancelation? Please reply urgent, and thanks in advance.

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It will impact your profile. Problem is, why was the amount incorrect? Was it a custom offer? Because if it was, then you should’ve looked at the price before accepting the order, and this is your fault.
If the client placed the order from your gigs, then those are your set prices, and it’s still your fault.
If the client asks for more than the gig she ordered offers, and the price gets higher but she doesn’t want to pay more for it, you can contact customer support and tell them about this. If this isn’t your fault, they’ll cancel the order themselves and your profile won’t be affected.