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Client work on my gig

Hi there,

I completed a project recently and almost a soon as it was completed I found an audio file from the project on my gig listing. I thought that I had inadvertently uploaded it and put the gig on pause, until I could get the chance to look into it. I have looked at it today and can’t see how it has got there. Are clients able to attach their work to our gigs? If not, how on earth do I remove it if I can’t find it in the gig edit page? I’d be happy for it to be there with client approval if it was the final submitted copy but it’s the earliest submission before revision and the final was far better!

Many thanks


What’s the format of the project did you delivered if I may ask?

I delivered MP3 and WAV files to the client.

So, that’s exactly what you delivered. What you delivered is what you see in your gig live-portfolio. The buyer chose to let it be seen in your portfolio.


Check this out:

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Fantastic, in that case I’ll contact the client and thank them and ask them if they will submit the final piece instead!

Many thanks

Don’t think they can do that. Removal seems to be the option.

Check this topic: Can I remove pictures from my portfolio that is displaying in my gig gallery?

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Ah okay, at least I’ll know for the future. It was kind of them. I’m sure they did it by accident as they were really happy with the final submission.

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