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Client Worksheets at Project Start - short process?

Hi all. I’m just setting up, sorta stoked. For some of my services, I have briefs or worksheets. I’m wondering how those get to the client right off the bat… I’m happy to manually send, but I’m concerned with losing working/delivery time. Is there an auto feature for downloads to the client? or an auto email message I can customize that kicks out at purchase.

I haven’t set up anything, planning my gigs at the moment, sorting out how I get the info I need from the client. Thanks in advance for sharing your answers or project start tips. Or maybe there’s a walk-thru in a training section someone can point me toward!?

Best, Stephanie

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Have you done Fiverr Academy? There is a lot of information there.

You get your product to the client when they buy your gig, by downloading it.