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Clients "abusing" the word count function

Hey everyone! I’m not sure if this has maybe been discussed before, I haven’t checked the forum in quite some time but this has been bugging me for a while now.

All of my gigs rely on wordcounts, proofreading for example.
With my basic package, I can proofread up to 500 words, the other two options are for higher word counts but they also have a longer delivery time, so Premium would be 2500 words within 4 days for example.

Now, I’ve noticed a lot of clients who place direct orders just use the basic function (with which the delivery time is only 1 day) but instead of picking the basic 500 words, they place orders for e.g. 3000 words or sometimes even up to 6000 words, forcing me to deliver this amount within 24 hours.
So, my problem is that the delivery time doesn’t automatically increase with the respective wordcount. I’ve even had clients who ordered the basic 500 word gig 9 times so that the delivery time doesn’t increase…

I’m aware that I could just ask the clients to increase the delivery time / cancel the order / charge extra for fast deliveries but this never really works as well as it should, if I message a client because I need more time or I need to charge them extra, they might just not reply, forcing me to either cancel the order or have it run late if I can’t finish it in time and in the end that’s always taking a hit to my stats as a seller.

I was wondering if anyone working in similar fields with price per word count / minute, etc. experienced the same issue or maybe knows a way to avoid this, because even if I just set my gigs to only show the basic version, potential clients could just order multiples to avoid the longer delivery time.


Hey! Sure, many of us do …





Considering one of them is from 2017 and I am still here complaining about it, I’m guessing fiverr doesn’t have any intention to fix this …


I just do the amount they pay for.

I feel as if the issue is more related to the time allotted to do the amount than the amount itself. Someone once did this, and I chose to write 10k in one day rather than cancel and lose my lvl 1 (I was lvl 1 back then). Really, they’re not compensating properly because they’re getting express delivery without paying for it.


But that’s also tricky, because in theory, it’s not allowed to deliver unfinished work. Feels like no matter what the seller does, it’s wrong.

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Maybe this is useful to someone here but I found out the following:

If my prices don’t increase gradually from package to package, the word count per package can’t be increased.
Say, if I offer Basic for 5 and Standard for 10 Dollar, it automatically takes these two prices to calculate the price per word so if the client puts in e.g. 5000 words, the price increase is linear while the delivery time remains the same. However, if I create the basic package at 5 for 500 words and the 10 Dollar gig has a word count of 950 words instead of 1000 as would be a linear increase, the client can’t change the word count in the basic gig

But that only helps so much as the client can still order gig multiples :roll_eyes:

It’s worked for me, but it’s best to message first to ask them which part of the text they want to be proofed.