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Cliënts are lazy and don't want to read (in detail)

I am for quite some time on Fiverr, but I noticed Sellers are quite badly protected for cliënts who don’t want to read the details of a Gig. I had experienced this lately, when one cliënt ordered a simple $10 gig, but didn’t want to deliver image files (a request I demand to keep up the quality and speed).

The cliënt requested me to download the files from his site, but without reference to the imagelink or section. I communicated that I don’t do that, because it’s stated in the information about the Gig. The cliënt was too lazy and requested a cancellation.

As a true hardcore Fiverr-fan I thought, let’s cancel, so we’re both mutually happy (client and designer) so we can continue our own path. After mutual cancelation, I noticed my deliveryratio went down by 20%. Where it was 100% for years.

I really felt surprised and offended, as I thought it would help in customerservice being friendly for a mistake a cliënt made. I know there are always choices, but I think it’s weird Fiverr is only looking from a cliëntside. In this way customers can on purpose downgrade professionals.

I think this topic is a long discussion, but worth for Fiverr to have a look at.

What do you think as a Fiverr-seller, experienced this before and how did you react?


This is an often discussed topic - with very good reason.

No matter why an order is cancelled, it is the seller who is penalised.

If the buyer orders a gig by mistake - the seller is penalised.

If the buyer doesn’t read the gig description correctly and wants to cancel - the seller is penalised.

If the seller has completed the work (maybe several day’s worth of work) and the buyer decides to cancel - the seller is penalised and loses their income.

Even if the seller and buyer agree a mutual cancellation, the seller is penalised.

For freelancers who choose to base their business solely around Fiverr, their reputations and ability to earn can be destroyed in a matter of seconds by one or two bad buyers.

The Fiverr assumption appears to be the seller is always at fault when it comes to cancellations. It’s always been this way, so it’s unlikely to change.


is there any solution for the sellers!?

You can appeal through Customer Support, however there have been many forum posts in recent months from people saying it’s taking around 10 days for a response. But there is no guarantee that CS will rule in your favour. That’s the problem.

In the past I have only had a good experience with Fiverr CS, but the platform has been overrun with new sellers in recent months and I get a sense through the forums that things have changed a little.

at this point all we can hope for a better future i think