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Clients asking for a sample!

I’ve had a few clients asking me for samples before ordering, let me know guys if it makes sense doing that while i have 70reviews and a lot of samples in my gig page ?

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I always refuse free sample requests. I’m not interested in working with buyers who aren’t interested in paying for my time and skills.

I tell prospective clients who ask for samples to “review my feedback” and to “check out the samples contained on my profile”. I then say “if you’re still unsure, then I’m happy to send you a custom offer for just $5 that will enable you to quickly sample my skills based on the unique demands of your project”.

Obviously when I offer a sample gig for $5 I make it very clear in the description that this is a quick ‘snapshot’ to give them the confidence that I can do the job. I allow no more than 10 or 15 minutes for this sample gig.

yeah basically i did the same before, i like make it clear that it’s 10% of the job

because there’s a reason why fiverr made the gig page samples and put in it the feedbacks with the samples of your work!