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Clients demand trial work and then hide

Its 3rd time I did a graphical designing job for free of cost. People ask about a lot of work to do but first to finish a single unit of work as trial (sample) to see if they could continue to work with. After I supply doing it, they skip away. It seems they didn’t wanted lot of work to do but originally they just wanted to finish a single thing (e.g. a banner, logo or card) and it was given to them free of cost.

I want to know how to deal with such clients. Thank you!

The majority of sellers on this forum will give you the same piece of advice: Don’t hand over any work until an actual order has been placed.

If you do, you’re putting your financial well-being in the hands of somebody you’ve never seen or met. You’re trusting this anonymous person to do the right thing and pay you.

In my opinion, it’s ludicrous to do that. There are too many people on this site willing to exploit others.


Send them a custom offer for that sample. If they refuse, no matter their excuse, they had no intention of ever buying from you.


And I would suggest to read fiverr TOS again. It’s clearly stated there that you should start working only after them placing an order otherwise you are just doing work for free and fiverr has no way to peruse it.

Just follow fiverr rules and you wouldn’t have this problems. You can tell your client look at your “samples” that you uploaded in your gig portfolio. If they want a specific sample for their work just send them a custom offer for only that sample as @catwriter suggested.


You can add watermark on sample and then send them


Yes, you can do that. But then there are gigs on Fiverr to remove watermarks for a small fee. :roll_eyes:


Though I think that’s the minimum the OP should do if an order isn’t made. Depending how it’s done it could be made difficult to remove or maybe not really possible without affecting the quality.

Also buying the gig for removal of the watermark would be copyright infringement which could get the other seller in trouble and they’d likely have to order it which might cost about the same as ordering from the OP’s gig.

I agree that you shouldn’t start any sort of work until they accept an offer and the clock starts counting. Always offer your portfolio for their reference.

However, I’m facing a similar issue with my voice over jobs. Have had a few sellers approach me for a demo but have either blocked me (is this even possible) or have not heard back from since. I Guess it’s fair that they were checking out a few VO talents at the same time and decided that I’m not suitable but you know it’s just a chicken and egg thing whereby they can’t gauge your suitability without a demo and you can’t NOT do your best on a demo for them to pick you.

I guess I’m just sort of upset that I put some effort into demos but don’t get the job, haha.

You can add watermark on sample and then send them:+1:

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You can add an audible audio watermark to the demos you give if you’re not already doing that. Also instead of reading their exact script you could create a set of sample voice overs in a range styles so you could give them the closest demo to what they were interested in. Also maybe it could be a pricing thing - adjusting the pricing for the first few orders (until you get more reviews) might help.

You should always send a sample from your previous work.
Never do new work until an order is made.

You are replying a year later. Maybe you didn’t notice!

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Obviously you shouldn’t do any trial work that needs more than 2/3 minutes (Personally i don’t do any trial work)
If you have your previous work samples, why need to do another sample work for free? Tell them to make an order!
Hope that make sense.

Don’t Do free work as a sample, your portfolio speaks alot

From what I have seen, people asking for free work, like a sample, have little to no intention in making a purchase no matter how good the work is. So I have stopped providing samples myself, as a $5 gig is quite affordable to test as a “sample”.