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Clients did not respond my message

My clients did not respond my message.
By the way my clients are happy with my work. But they don’t understand the value of time. what can i do?

What kind of message don’t they respond to?

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Sorry, but I don´t understand what you mean.

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Actually when i need to know something about her project but my client’s didn’t respond my message properly.Also after complete my work they didn’t accept my order delivery.

Not accepting order deliveries is pretty normal; some people just aren’t in the habit of leaving reviews.

How long has your client not responded to your message for?

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Hmmmmmm I think all clients not like the same… So don’t worry… :slight_smile:

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I have two client they took Almost 14hr minimum to respond my message.

I know but time is very precious for me. btw thank you. @exdesigns

Don’t be too clingy, give your buyers time to respond.
Perhaps they are busy shoveling :snowflake: snow or something!

Just chillax!


Time difference could also be a factor. Did you check their profiles to see if they lived far away?


This isn’t a catch-all suggestion, but perhaps for gigs that require a lot of information you could consider increasing delivery time a bit? That way even if clients respond late, you’ll have the information needed to deliver on time. If clients want a faster delivery, you can wait for them to send them all the needed info before sending them a custom offer.

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