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Clients From Instagram To Fiverr

Hi, i share my gig in instragram because i want to improve my profile. I found a possible client but he don’t know fiverr… How can i do?
What are the passage that the client have to do to buy my services? Does he have to register on fiverr or just linking his paypal account?


He has to register for fiverr, since he is not here yet, you might be applicable to invite him using a special link, that way you save the 20% fee when working with him.


Now it easy to do.

Because they can register here using their mail or fb account

If the customer doesn’t want to register, could I lose the client?

Well I mean, you could surely offer him another solution if he does not want to join FIverr. I can only give you advice on Fiverr here tho :slight_smile:


Yes i know, thanks man