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Clients has option to give feedback about freelance but no option to give feedback to buyer by freelancer

Hello everybody.

I have to concern to all that fiverr is a big and popular marketplace for both freelancer and clients. Due to contribution of buyer & freelancer , fiverr has become more popular and grown up to biggest freelancing marketplace. So I think fiverr authority should take care of interest of both buyer and freelancer.

In this marketplace buyers have more facility than freelancers. Specially buyer has given feedback to freelancer but have no this opportunity for freelancer, Freelancers have no opportunity to give feedback to clients.

As a result freelancers can not justify quality of buyer. To get this opportunity buyers exploit freelancer which is not expected .Fiverr prefers to buyer requirements.

I think mutual understanding bewteen clients & freelancer makes the fiverr marketplace most popular and working environment is being hampered.

I think this matter should be under consideration for fiverr authority .

Rezaul Karim


Unfortunately it is entirely true, buyers are free to do everything they like and CS never take an action against them.

You have raised a valid point, fiverr is buyer centered. And people can/do misuse the rating system to decrease ratings of freelancers. What do you propose to solve this?*

I have a possible solution, as you have said in your first message sellers should be able to rate buyers. Buyers with certainly low rating shouldn’t be able to affect the outstanding/skilled/genuine seller’s rating that much.

*if you think I am new and don’t know much about fiverr than remember I have just started this account and had quit fiverr last time (2013) because of same reason.


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