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Clients have unlimited revisions when ordering me, althought I have given them 2 revisions possible

Why does clients have unlimited revisions, when I have given them 2? Is that a fair?

You have to control that yourself by saying no. The system won’t limit them.


But, if I say no, they will leave me a bad review. The way I think is telling that the revision they want should cost more. What do you think?

That sounds good.

It’s really up to you. Bad review, unlimited revisions, or some other option if you can negotiate it–it’s ultimately up to you.

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I would suggest you mention that when you deliver your order you mention that they have 2 free revisions if they need any kind of changes.

Sometimes they just need a reminder.

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Yeah, they have 2 free revisions, but they use unlimited. How does this happens?

Either because they didn’t read the gig description, or because they’re just trying to get all the work out of you that they can.

The website doesn’t have a limit on the revisions. Your clients can hit the button unlimitedly. You are the one that needs to put a stop verbally to the requests.

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