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Client's is not answering to anything

I am in a bit of trouble as I got an order and it was looking pretty easy. Firstly, I created couple of designs and then I thought let’s wait for the feedback.
She gave me a positive feedback but after that, she is not responding to my msgs. I even ask her if you don’t like the designs I can create you another one but I have to know what are you thinking.

It’s been 6 days and I want this order to end soon.

Your input is appreciated.
Farrukh Khan

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If you delivered and she gave you feedback, the order should be finished. Orders automatically close after three days. There’s no need for the buyer to contact you again afterward.

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Have you done the designs as per your gig description and their requirements? If so, just deliver the order. If they wish they can ask for a revision.


I think he means they’d liked the route he was taking so I think he didn’t delivery the order, but rather share his progress with them.

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I am going to cancel the order as I think she going to leave a bad review.