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Clients is talking about TIP in the conversation? Is this against the Fiverr Policy?

Clients is talking about TIP in the conversation? Is this against the Fiverr Policy?

If they’re promising a big tip on the basis that you do their work for less, it’s a big red flag. If they can afford the tip, they can afford your gig price.

Don’t let them scam you …


Totally agree…
99% of buyers promising “generous tips” will leave nothing or $5 demanding you to make more work or deliver it faster.


I’ve seen sellers add a gig solely for tipping. If you get this often where they offer a “tip” create a side gig and refer them to it. Additionally, you could say, I’m willing to do my basic/standard package for the premium price if you wish. Which I would surmise is a way of tipping. Whatever the case, you have to make it explicitly clear in the conversation what is happening to protect yourself from scams and from Fiverr.

You could say it like this:

“Thanks [user] for offering to tip me. Unfortunately, Fiverr has no legitimate tipping system. If you do wish to thank me for my service, please purchase my tip gig!”

Edit: Someone below has mentioned there is a tipping system, so I’d listen to them OP.

No it’s not against the fiverr rules.
It sounds like the client is trying to get you to do more work by promising to give you a tip. That’s not how it works.
If the client wants more work send him an offer with the price for the extra work. Do not agree to it for a tip. They won’t leave one.


Yes, Fiverr does have a tip system.

When the buyer completes the order they are asked twice if they wish to review and at least once if they wish to leave a tip. :wink:


Oh really, then I rescind my statement! That’s the way they should do it then OP!

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Never work for the promise of a tip. I sometimes get buyers who will order my gig without the 24 hour delivery extra, and then claim they will provide a generous tip if I can deliver within 24 hours. I always reply by sending them an extra offer for the 24 hour delivery. The chance of that tip never coming, or the tip being lower than my gig extra is almost 100% - as coerdelion pointed out earlier, if they can afford the tip, they can afford your gig price.

Fiverr has a tipping system in place, and if the buyer wishes to place a tip after the order is delivered, they can. No need to create an extra tipping gig for this.

Simply send the buyer a custom offer for the extra work, and if they simply say “If we’re happy with the delivery we’ll leave a generous tip” etc. then that’s probably just their way of motivating you to do your best. In those cases, I would simply say “Thank you for your motivation, but please keep in mind that there’s no need to tip me, as I’m always giving all my buyers the best possible quality I can deliver no matter what. Thank you very much!” or something like that.

Now this might seem like a stupid idea at first: saying no thanks to more money?! But in fact, I find that this leaves the buyer even more satisfied and positively surprised, by the fact that you’re willing and eager to deliver the best possible quality - without asking for more. Often, they will leave a tip anyway, just to show their appreciation for your good customer support and work.

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