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Clients not getting email that I have delivered

Hello. For several weeks now my clients have not been aware when I have delivered. they don’t get an email. Some of my clients have ordered from others and also are not getting email notifications for some of those also. This can be frustrating because fast service is something I provide. And what is the use of providing fast service if they are waiting for me to deliver and do not know that I have. Has anyone else been experiencing this also?

To my knowledge this has not happened to me. How do you know this is happening?

I have it happen all the time and then not very happy customers :confused:

I have it happen regularly as well. I read somewhere that it is because of including restricted words in messages get the message flagged for review. However I have never received any notices, nor have I seen the messages appear later after review. I also am very careful to leave out restricted words, even though it makes it hard to communicate with my customers about their web design projects. If I am setting up an ecommerce site I can’t ask for their p-a-y-p-a-l information to set up the charge portal. I also can’t ask what e-m-a-i-l address they want on their contact form. I try to use cryptic versions (like e-m-a-i-l) but they may get flagged as well. I have lost plenty of business because of missing messages. Buyers assume you are not interested. Only my repeat buyers send follow up messsages asking if I got their last messsage. I have opened tickets with Fiverr support, but they always say “no problem found”.

Fiverr loves to claim there is no problem when there really is. I know this is happening because people will message me days after I have sent them the recording and ask me where it is. This has happened over and over again, and with experienced customers. It’s not that they don’t know how to use fiverr, they just aren’t getting messages they are expecting.

I hear you. I wish they spent as much time on getting the rest of the site operational as they do on over-monitering messages. Don’t they realize that if their site is stellar, and easy to use, and is a great value for the 20% we pay, we will stay on the site and not do activity elsewhere? So thats what they should be focused on.

I have this problem since this morning. I see one of my clients have the same problem right now, I am sending him a message, message is gone, in the same time he is sending me duplicated messages.