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Clients Rating and review not showing

I asked a recent client to kindly leave their feedback and rating for the service provided but they said they already did but nothing showed up at my side or on the gig.

Does anyone know what could be the reason?

I’m concerned coz the buyer satisfaction is the thing we earn and that’s the only way for new clients to know our reputation in the business


You alsoneed to review the buyer for the review to appear on your profile.

Have you also reviewed the buyer?

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You must not do this. If you search the forum you will see many threads on this topic.

If Fiverr discover that you have asked your buyer to leave feedback, then you will likely receive a warning.

If you do search the forum you will find many experienced sellers offering the advice I have given, and you will find some inexperienced sellers saying it is okay to ask buyers to ‘review’ your service. In my opinion neither is acceptable. Fiverr consider it manipulation.


Never ask clients for reviews, NOT allowed on Fiverr. I only have 65% of my clients who have left reviews.

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