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Clients real names - Notes & Quick responses

Many times I am interacting with clients that are providing their names and, well, I do not happen to instantly remember all of them, especially when dealing with generic usernames or blank profile pictures …

What would be great to have :

  • A " Sticky Note " feature that could display whatever you want to, next to a buyer’s username, so that it would just take a glance to call them by their provided name.
    -> I do not want to use the “Label” option here as I am using it for different purposes, and it would be a mess to add 100 names in labels categories

  • A way to manually set the {username} in quick response editor, that would not display their generic username, but their provided name. Something like {usersticker}, in reference of the Sticky Note mentioned above.

This matter means a lot to me, as calling each client by their provided name helps greatly to establish a trust and unique relationship, rather than a cold buyer / seller transactional state of affair.

What are your thoughts on this ?


The site could use a lot of improvements, like being able to search through the chat, being able to export the chat easily, ability to add an image from the clipboard in to order chat not only regular chat, that once you type text in the custom offer and click to select the GIG package system doesn’t delete your typing.

Sticky note is a great idea but the second one is too much of a stress on the site code that is already losing its marbles (you can’t delete an attachment in the inbox, only refreshing the site deletes it).

I agree on everything. Fiverr doesn’t exactly help in many ways.

There is a Notes top right of screen when in a Job.


I’m quite okay with user names.

The majority of my clients I have worked with just once. That’s the whole idea behind the “gig economy” is that you get jobs from various sources without having to rely on one or two regular clients.

I don’t plan on getting to know any of them.

I’m just here to provide a service to whoever needs it.

That’s all.

That is a valid point, though don’t get me wrong, I am not planning to getting to know them, just letting them know that the person they are dealing with has humanity.

Most of my revenues were made thanks to returning buyers that were satisfied with my services. It is for me a no-brainer that having an impeccable customer service is also essential to get them back to you. More and more of these quality clients are coming with time, which allows me today to even consider living from Freelancing.

I am more interested in a gig economy of repeat and quality customers. I guess it also all depends on the type of gig you are providing. A gig economy to me is more about being able to provide services by yourself and manage your own customer base, the way YOU like, not the way it should be as per one’s definition.

Being able to deal with less clients, for the same level of revenues is the very true definition of productivity. Knowing and using a client’s name, is the foundation of making it happen. And eventually reach great success.

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You clearly expect different things than I do in the gig economy.

That’s okay.

I do think your approach is sensible - for your needs/expectations.

I currently live off of freelancing and have been since 2016.

For me, it has been a handful of regulars, a couple of contracts with marketing companies (all outside of this platform long before I joined Fiverr) and the one-timers and few regulars I get here.

I like the mixture.