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Clients want Sample of Work but i don't hear from them afterwards

Whenever i get a message from a potential client, the first thing they do is ask for a sample of my work. and when i give them a sample, they never reply after. does this happen all the time? I’d like to know if anyone else has experienced it.


There are lots of forum posts about this.

Check this out:Top 5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Badly Behaved Buyers


Make samples to put in your profile page. Use the best samples you have. They can then see what your work is like, without asking for a sample. I never give samples!

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I feel it depends on the category and how Smart you make your sample , cos if you like it or not the buyers are always gonna be the finale say , you should just be smart about it

my gigs are centered around stories and written articles, so its sort of hard to put a sample on my profile. but i will see what i can do with this. thanks very very much.

If you are getting requests for a “sample” that is geared specifically towards the buyer, you are likely getting ripped off and they are getting free stuff.

So, if these supposed buyers are asking you to write a short story or article about what they choose instead of letting you just take an already written story or article that has nothing to do with what their niche is - they are likely using what you write. This is a common scam towards new sellers by unscrupulous “buyers” (cannot even call them buyers really) who will go around and get enough free content to populate their site or put together their own e book or whatever.

You need to be sending samples you have already written so they can see your writing style, NOT a sample of what they would or should be ordering.



I agree 100% ^ and say this every time this issue is raised - which sadly is far too often.

You are here to work not to give away things. If that is what you want to do, go down the local charity and help people who actually need (and hopefully deserve) it. You are here to work which means that you are here to get paid and nothing else.

A writer has a Portfolio. Would you ever go to Steven King and ask for a sample of his writing to check to see if he can write? Why not? Probably because he has books you can read. If you flip through a few pages on any of his books, you may not like the story personally, but you can’t say, oh this can’t do I need samples to see if you can write. His response if you did would be colorful, blunt, and well deserved.

Before you say oh but that is Mr Carrie, Cujo, Stand etc and I am no one, that is the issue right there. If you have samples of your writing on display that show how you write that is all that is needed.

Anyone who asks for samples either is too stupid to research you in which case will be hard to work for seeing they will never read a word you write or is quite simply a vampire.

Just say no and know why. Block them if you have to - and sadly you often have to here.


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It happens to me. Even the buyer didn’t say anything also.