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Clients who ask for a free sample

Lately, 70% of clients will ask me for a free sample (regardless of sending them my portfolio). I’m a music producer / mixer / writer - so asking for a free sample can sometimes take a long time. How does everyone else explain to their clients that it’s not fair to ask for a free sample? Some clients get extremely defensive when I try to explain that my time isn’t free.

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i never do samples! because it takes time!
and i am busy with my orders! i always send my portfolio! if they get interested they order it , simply

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Don’t give anything for free!! put a PRICE TAG on your samples!!

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I think what your potential clients are asking are for examples of your work, they want to see what you’ve done before they order! I can see that you only have your gig video to showcase some of your work.

Here’s a tip, enable delivery portfolio. When you deliver a client’s project and they review it their work will show up for future clients to review.

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I never been asked for a sample in terms of music production and writing. I always give samples on the engineering side just to make sure they are okay with the finished product. But as far as writing or production, there are no samples. If they are not okay with that, they aren’t someone you wanted to work with anyway.

I sometimes provide samples to Top Rated Buyers only if the order he is going to place is going to be atleast $50

Amount may vary as per your service.

I must tell you, even when some cleints get free sample they don’t come back and end up using your free sample

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I have a saved quick reply that says, I don’t make free samples because it is as time consuming as completing an order. I suggest that they buy a $10 gig to get 100 words narrated as a test . Most do, if they don’t want to, you just avoided working with a cheap client.


I love this idea, but for we newbies and we desperate for getting our first order, How do we handle client who ask for free sample.

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I will admit that I did a few when I was new and trying to get to Level 1. The problem is that some may ask you to do a small sample, which might be the whole job. You can also send them a sample that you wrote for someone else. Bear in mind that they may steal that as well.

Hopefully you’ll get some good buyers.I suggest you do this only till you get Level 1, then start being willing to walk from these situations.


Thanks very much, this will help alot

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You can add samples of your previous work to your cloud (Hubic, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) and then just share the link when they asked.

That’s what I do and my customers are happy.

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I also got a lot of message, they came and ask for sample in one sentence. Sometimes i gave my sample and i never get any response from them :joy::joy:

But now a days i stop doing that

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I think it really depends on what you feel comfortable with doing and also the particular gig. For instance, I do video and photo editing so if they want a free sample, I’ll watermark the entire thing with my logo. Though, on here, since I’m charging basically nothing for my gigs, it’s not worth my time so I’ll tell them I unfortunately do not do free samples and then send them my gig link.

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Are those links allowed.
Dropbox Can lead the buyer to directly contact you as it has comment option on files.

For gig / profile description fiverr has a strict list:

Not sure about this one. I used to share my work samples with dropbox link but I stopped doing it when I saw above link.

I’m also a music producer and when a potential buyer ask for samples most of the times they are searching for free work.
I don’t start any work without an order, there is a portfolio for audio and also the feedback section will provide samples of your work.

I still give samples of my work via Hubic to customers who asks for samples of my work. So far, I have no problem with Fiverr.

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