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Clients who can't find my gig page: how did you send me a message?

This is a genuine question, not a sarcastic comment.

I get this question probably an average of 5 times per week.

No problem, I will redirect you - but how did you send me a message without viewing my profile…?

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That’s a good question and the only way to know is to ask them. I can’t imagine anyone sending messages to you without seeing your profile.

Or possibly they see your profile but your gigs aren’t showing there due to a bug which still makes me wonder how they found your profile.


We get this at least once a month or so. People who seem to have stumbled upon our profile, but are then not able to find their way to the gigs.

I think it’s people on mobile web. The ‘Gigs’ button on mobile is tiny, and although you can scroll down to see our gigs, there’s a big shiny button at the top of the page that says Contact Us. I think some people just hit that instead.

It always fills me with dread, because I know this person has found us (somehow), but not listened to any of our demos before they start asking about our services.


That’s it. I tried to get to a seller’s gigs on the mobile one time and couldn’t. I did see their gigs but clicking on them didn’t work.

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Being an incredibly pessimistic person, I always see this as a red flag. Anyone who I need to guide through how to view my gig typically isn’t someone who I think should be ordering from me. I mean why buy SEO web content if you can’t figure out how to use a website?

I guess this is different for different sellers in different categories. However, clients I usually have problems with are people with little IT, SEO, or real business awareness. I’ll deliver a $30 SEO sales copy, then I’ll get asked where the website is that goes with it.

I hadn’t thought about the app vs. desktop web browsing difference. However, I still think something is wrong if a person can’t find my gig.

I get asked this routinely, where to find my gigs. I never get an order from these people even after sending them a link to the gig they are interested in. After that I don’t hear from them again. If they didn’t see my gigs why are they even contacting me at all? How do they know what I’m offering?

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Same here.

A few weeks ago I had this conversation:

Client: Hi, you are perfect for our project. How much do you charge?

Me: Here is my rate, please view my gig page for a list of extras.

Client: How do I view your gig?

Me: Did you view my gig at all before sending me a message?

Client: No.